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Special equipment from Japan.
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You are a supplier, cafe owner, shop owner, maybe you need Japanese products for your own needs? We supply goods directly from Japan. Sauces, curries, spices, ginger, etc., you can order from us.
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In Japan, as nowhere else in the world, they know that health and longevity are the key to the prosperity of a nation. The Japanese have long been renowned for their longevity. Eighty and even ninety years old for a modern Japanese is quite a normal age. Basically, this life expectancy is achieved precisely due to a healthy lifestyle, vitamins and dietary supplements. Japanese health care and pharmaceutical companies have gone to great lengths to provide affordable vitamins and medicines to all Japanese people of all ages. Japanese dietary supplements of all types and in any quantity.
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Laennek (Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd., Japan) is a placental drug used in many countries of the world in the complex therapy of more than 80 different diseases. The beneficial properties of the substances that make up the placenta have been known in medical practice since ancient times. The capabilities of modern pharmacology today make it possible to extract the maximum of biologically active components and apply them for complex treatment. The main task is to direct the forces of the source code of human nature to preserve health and youth from the inside. Placental preparations can be used both for solving a specific problem and as a complex method for normalizing the functions of the whole organism. 1 package - 50 ampoules.
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Welcome to JSM-Japan! We supply goods directly from Japan. We have partnerships with many Japanese manufacturers, which results in low product prices. We are also engaged in the purchase of cars from auctions, spare parts and cuttings. Full legal support.

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