Cardboard boxes for pizza and pies
Cardboard boxes for pizza and pies
Product description
We offer cardboard boxes for pizza and pies. Not only preserving the pizza, but also quickly assembling the boxes is essential for quick dispatch of orders and delivery to customers. Double-walled carved boxes with carefully folded folds from Komupak facilitate assembly without special skills and staff training. The box with special hinged lids optimizes the entire process of placing pizza in the box, without damaging the delicate cheese crust of the pizza or the filling of sweet apple pie. The addition of a special handle makes it much easier to move around, making it easy for your customers to carry hot baked goods. Every box we manufacture is delivered to you folded. Pizza in our individual packaging can be the best combination to grow your business. When ordering a box for fresh hot baked goods from Komupak, you can be sure of receiving packaging products that meet international quality standards. Our sales staff and specialists will help you choose the box size for your signature pizzas and pies. We will optimize your costs for applying individualization means, including developing options for printed images and the logo of a pizzeria, bakery. For example, the price of a 440x440x45 box for pizza or pie is 43 rubles, when ordering from 100 units. We produce in small quantities. Some sizes are in stock.
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Cardboard boxes for pizza and pies - 66877

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Komupak LLC
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