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Gift box Tank for beer original gift for a man: February 23, a birthday present for a man, a gift for the new year. This minibar for drinks for a gift to a man holds three standard cans of beer or other soft drink with a volume of 0.5 liters. The turret of the tank can accommodate various snacks, sweets, socks or other small gift for a man. The size of this compartment is 9x7 cm. The gift box "Tank for beer on February 23" is delivered disassembled, it is easy to assemble it according to the instructions. The jar tank is made of 3 mm sanded plywood, all parts are fixed tightly and without glue to each other. The size of the wooden tank is 25x16x12 cm. On February 23, any man will like a gift in such a gift box: husband, father, son, grandfather, colleague. A creative gift can also be colored together with the child and given to dad or grandfather on February 23rd or as a birthday present or as a New Year's gift.
Lotta Export
Ашхабад, Turkmenistan
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As well as canned vegetables, canned fish, car pads, yarn, polypropylene bags, sausages and sausages.
YP Taranenko V.V
Севастополь, Russia
USD 20.0 - 38.0/pcs
I will give wholesale from 50 pieces cardboard boxes. Size: 200x175x175mm Property: two-layer corrugated cardboard, self-assembly Boxes unfolded, 20pcs per pack
USD 12.0 - 14.0/pcs
The house-shaped box and book of this premium product is made of high quality durable materials, and the dried fruits inside the house are organic and naturally prepared. The house box is made by a professional designer using such technical solutions and materials that make the product safe for children. Before serial production, the house passed the testing stage, having established itself as a durable box and an interesting toy. Each house contains 200 grams of different types of natural dried fruits, which are placed in a paper box. The house comes with a small illustrated book about the adventures of “Mrut Frut” and his friends.
USD 5.0/pcs 5.0
The TEKNO-ICE M-PET BUBBLE INSULATED POUCHES & BOX LINERS are provided in a single or double layer, heavy grade LDPE sealed bubble, sandwiched between a foil based laminate (Inside & Out), providing an extraordinary level of insulation through reflection and trapped air, at a comparatively low cost.
USD 1.0 - 10.0/pcs
There are three types of spectacle boxes, large, medium and small. Myopia glasses cases also have various sizes, models and shapes. There are various sizes and specifications of glasses wiping cloth, various types of glasses rope, various specifications of glasses lens cleaning agent, packaging, and various types of injection molded products. Industrial barrels. Box. Box. Bottle. Welcome to find your favorite product customization. Thank you for supporting my work. Glasses box, EVA box, iron box, manual box, leather box, plastic box, ABS plastic wrapping box, carton. Glasses cloth, glasses rope, lens cleaning agent, plastic frame, plastic barrel, plastic bottle. And develop new product customization.
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The printed baklava box doubles the value of your products and is the cheapest advertisement you can make. Remember, it is the packaging that sells a product.
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Our company, which was established in 2009, can sell all the materials used in the packaging and packaging of hardware products.
USD 1.17 - 4.12/pcs
The design of the wrap-around box has 12 fold points, forming 4 valves: 2 external and 2 internal. The assembly of the box is provided by overlapping tabs (locks). Swing boxes are convenient for packing and transporting rectangular goods when you need to open the box without moving the product from the bottom, providing full access to the top position. Scope of packaging: glass, doors, windows and much more. Employees and specialists of the sales department of Komupak LLC will help you choose the size, the number of additional shock-absorbing elements (cardboard sheets, additional fasteners and valve interlocks) depending on the technical characteristics of the product, the characteristics of transportation and storage conditions. For example, the price of a swing box (wrap-around type) with 2 valves 1500x600x150 in size is 220 rubles. We produce in small quantities. Some sizes are in stock.
USD 0.23 - 1.63/pcs
Vegetable, confectionery, self-assembled with a solid bottom. The tray is an open-type corrugated cardboard box with a water-repellent component. The advantages of such packaging include: 1. Safety: unlike plastic, it does not emit harmful substances into packaged food: cardboard `` breathes '', extending the shelf life. 2. Cushioning: softens shocks, ensures the safety of goods during packing and transportation (which is especially important to ensure the integrity of the product). 3. Packaging and transportation costs are significantly less than those of a wooden box. The tray is self-assembly by design. The sides of the tray are high enough to withstand heavy loading and stacking. For confectionery, the trays are supplemented with transparent windows that allow you to display the product without taking it out of the package. For example, the price of a self-assembled corrugated tray with dimensions 350x280x45 is 15 rubles. We produce in small quantities. Some sizes are in stock.
USD 0.35 - 1.63/pcs
Archival boxes and cardboard folders are standardized for storing documents in A3 and A4 format. The box is produced in the `` cover-bottom '' modification: non-opening solid bottom, convenient openings in the side walls for placement on racks, carrying inside office premises. Corrugated cardboard is convenient for applying inscriptions and logos, so it will not be difficult to find the one you need in a large number of archive boxes. For example, the price of an archive box for storing A4 documents with a size of 310x250x70 is 23 rubles. We produce in small quantities. Some sizes are in stock.
USD 0.44 - 1.07/pcs
We offer cardboard boxes for pizza and pies. Not only preserving the pizza, but also quickly assembling the boxes is essential for quick dispatch of orders and delivery to customers. Double-walled carved boxes with carefully folded folds from Komupak facilitate assembly without special skills and staff training. The box with special hinged lids optimizes the entire process of placing pizza in the box, without damaging the delicate cheese crust of the pizza or the filling of sweet apple pie. The addition of a special handle makes it much easier to move around, making it easy for your customers to carry hot baked goods. Every box we manufacture is delivered to you folded. Pizza in our individual packaging can be the best combination to grow your business. When ordering a box for fresh hot baked goods from Komupak, you can be sure of receiving packaging products that meet international quality standards. Our sales staff and specialists will help you choose the box size for your signature pizzas and pies. We will optimize your costs for applying individualization means, including developing options for printed images and the logo of a pizzeria, bakery. For example, the price of a 440x440x45 box for pizza or pie is 43 rubles, when ordering from 100 units. We produce in small quantities. Some sizes are in stock.
USD 0.26 - 0.84/pcs
For the manufacture of shoe boxes, we use, as for all our products, only high-quality corrugated cardboard. The design features of our own stamping forms allow you to create an original design of boxes, with the addition of perforation, additional elements in the form of windows. The use of flexo printing and laminated cardboard allows the creation of a cardboard shoe box that increases brand awareness. When ordering a shoebox from Komupak You can be sure of receiving packaging products that meet international quality standards. Employees and specialists of the sales department will help you choose the size depending on the technical characteristics of the product, the material from which the shoes are made, and calculate the number of additional shock-absorbing elements (kraft paper, inserts and cradles). We will optimize your costs for applying personalization products, including developing options for printed images. For example, the price of a shoe box measuring 190x190x90 is 18 rubles. We produce in small quantities. Some sizes are in stock.
USD 0.5 - 1.37/pcs
The box with ears has strong triple side walls, a lid with special valves (ears) that prevent spontaneous opening of the container. The scope of application of the cardboard box with ears is extensive: footwear, computer equipment, stationery, printed materials, food products. We produce and supply in small quantities. Some sizes are in stock.
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Ofset baskılı karton ve laminasyonlu kutu ambalajın kullanıldığı her sektörde varız. Gıda, elektrik-elektronik, küçük ev aletleri hizmet verdiğimiz sektörler arasındadır. We exist in every sector where offset printed cardboard and laminated box packaging are used. Food, electrical-electronic, small household appliances are among the sectors we serve. We are present in every sector where printed and packaging cardboard is used. The sectors we serve include food, electrical electronics and small household appliances.
USD 0.15/pcs 0.15
Assalamualeikum Selling double-layer coffee glasses with custom-made logo. As well as biodegradable kraft bags also with a logo Possibility of supply according to the client's sample Samples are available
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Get information for our Printed Box Production.
USD 0.13/pcs 0.13
PP bag from Turkmenistan
USD 2.5/pcs 2.5
Packing bags for medium and large wholesale. Boop and vacuum bags in all sizes. Garbage bags.
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I would like to present to you my company Graffiti Agency located in Istanbul and service for all Turkish and Global market in the world wide that its own product portfolio by its professional & high quality production with affordable prices, as much as open for your special design rigid boxes, labels, promotion materials. Beside this we could design your all request / needs by our professional R&D, Technical designers and production team.
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We are the Polish company TARA, we offer cardboard by one of largest manufactures of Byelorussia Years of experience have allowed us to establish a production custom cardboard designs according to individual customer order, and a wide range of standard types of packaging according to FEFCO catalogue.Tasks of any complexity.Thanks of extensive experience in the corrugated cardboard and advanced equipment, the manufacture of cardboard packing will be quick and effective. Our own production facilities allow us to take into account the dimensions, shape and weight of packaged products. This way you will get the perfect packaging for your product-stylish, modern and reliable! Advantages of the company Individual approachHighly qualified professionalismHigh qualityClass serviceCompetitive pricesin production-four-Valve corrugated box made of three-and five-layer corrugated cardboard with two-color printing- Products of complex construction (die-cut products) with two-color printing- Accessories for corrugators (gaskets, plates, grilles) Sincerely,- LTD."TARA"
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We are a Polish company TARA , we offer metal packaging for food, chemicals and aerosols. & nbsp; The company produces more than 85 types of metal packaging for paints and varnishes; petrochemicals; food; agricultural products. Your kind feedback, C regards!
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Full Weight Dimensions 80x50x50 85x55x55 85x60x60 Special size service available upon request
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Low Weight Package dimensions 60x40x40 80x50x30 80x50x50 90x50x60 90x60x60

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