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USD 300.0/L 300.0
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USD 3.35/pcs 3.35
Production of children's coloring books - posters. Dimensions А2х3 594х1261 mm, А0 841х1189 mm. It is also possible to print according to your sizes and layouts. For coloring, paper and paints that comply with environmental standards are used. Ideal for selling on marketplaces. Your potential customers can be: shops selling children's goods, parents, grandparents who care about the harmonious development of the child, children's institutions (schools, kindergartens, development centers, etc.) Edition of 20 pcs, printing within 7 days.
USD 15.0/pcs 15.0
About the Easyhome Brand: With years of expertise and innovation, This table is a new initiative business manufacturing top in the class table. The company has put in appreciative amount of time and effort in research and innovation to bring the best products to you. About the product: When space is a problem, easyhome table is the answer.  Salient Features: 1) Sliding Cupholder and Sliding Tray 2) Strong Plastic 3) Complete single color 4) 6 level height adjustment 5) 3 level slant adjustment 6) Detachable and Foldable 7) Spares available The legs are made of iron and are enamel spray coated. Minor scratches might be visible, Any enamel coated iron item has this issue. (Things most sellers might not have told you). 3) The product is not designed for anyone to stand on, sit on. Maximum weight is 5 kgs to 10 Kgs but we recommend you restrict to 5 kg (laptop etc). Cleaning instructions: Clean with a mild solution fo soap and water on the plastic surface. Avoid scratches and water contact.
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Catalog, Notebook, Notepad, Cardboard Bag, Textile Labels, Sock Labels, Brochures, Letterhead and Envelopes, Collection Receipts, Bill of Vouchers, Magnets. All paper products are produced with or without printing.

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