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Christmas box packages in bulk on Qoovee

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USD 0.15 - 0.75/pcs
A set of hermetic Zip lock matte bags with a slider that performs the function of hermetic closing of objects with a lock. Sliders are designed to store things, clothes, shoes, etc. Packing zip-lock bags are indispensable for packing things for a trip, for a maternity hospital, replacement shoes, cosmetics, wet swimming trunks and swimwear. The advantages of zip bags with a lock are obvious: the package closes hermetically, protecting the contents from moisture, dirt, dust, and unpleasant odors. easy to open and close. the package can be opened and closed an unlimited number of times. useful not only when traveling, but also at home. Six sizes of your choice 20x30 cm - 10 pcs. = 125 rubles. (Set of 10 pieces) 27x35 cm. - 10 pieces. = 168 rubles. (Set of 10 pieces) 45x60 cm. - 10 pieces. = 390 rubles. (Set of 10 pieces) 50x70 cm. - 10 pieces. = 490 rubles. (Set of 10 pieces)
USD 1.0 - 2.0/pcs
We as Eska Ambalaj LTD. Co. are packaging manufacturer located in Istanbul/TURKEY. We would kindly inform you that we are eager to supplement your business with our high quality packages. You may kindly find the our e-catalogue as attachment.

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