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Beverages, Grocery, Sunflower oil, Crop Production, Everything for home and office, Construction Materials, Glass and glass products, Wood design, Home and office supplies, Furniture, Pipes, Doors and windows, Metallurgy, Aluminum Sheets, Non-ferrous metallurgy, Raw materials and minerals, Recycled Raw materials, Raw materials for industrial production, Electrical equipment and parts, Box, Packaging, container Poland, Ul. Zbrowskiego 14, Radom.
Poland, Ul. Zbrowskiego 14, Radom.

We are the Polish company TARA, we cooperate with the leading Ukrainian and Belarusian producers of raw materials, materials and goods of different directions, with certificates of quality and origin for the countries of Europe, delivery on the terms (DAP). For all questions, please contact us, we will find you the best offer, the material of interest. Waiting for your questions. All good day and success in business!

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