Swing box (wrap-around type)
Product description
The design of the wrap-around box has 12 fold points, forming 4 valves: 2 external and 2 internal. The assembly of the box is provided by overlapping tabs (locks). Swing boxes are convenient for packing and transporting rectangular goods when you need to open the box without moving the product from the bottom, providing full access to the top position. Scope of packaging: glass, doors, windows and much more. Employees and specialists of the sales department of Komupak LLC will help you choose the size, the number of additional shock-absorbing elements (cardboard sheets, additional fasteners and valve interlocks) depending on the technical characteristics of the product, the characteristics of transportation and storage conditions. For example, the price of a swing box (wrap-around type) with 2 valves 1500x600x150 in size is 220 rubles. We produce in small quantities. Some sizes are in stock.
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Swing box (wrap-around type) - 66880

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USD 1.03 - 3.61 USD

Minimum order: 100 pcs

Supply ability: 1 pcs/per month

Komupak LLC
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