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Korean backpacks for $ 6 from the famous brand BLUE DOG Stylish durable models ~ stock from Korea WHOLESALE from 20 pieces Available in South Korea Worldwide shipping Models are selected by ourselves, are random. About the product! Korean quality original. Natural materials Strong, secure seams. The backpacks will withstand the load and will last you more than 1 year.The retail value of such backpacks in Korea is from 45 to 80 dollars ONLY WITH US, you can save on buying backpacks for your children and also earn Also ATTENTION When buying a product from us, you can order 10 backpacks, although the minimum wage is from 20 pieces! Manage to buy the quantity is limited. Total 200 units
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Children's Clothing, Women's clothing, Women's Accessories, Bags Kazakhstan

OPEN YOUR BUSINESS EASILY AND QUICKLY TOGETHER WITH US! 👧🏻Baby products sell well anytime, anywhere. After all, it is not customary to save on descendants. And a topical business project is a children's clothing store !. After all, children are constantly growing, and their wardrobe needs to be updated more often than an adult. ⠀ 🥳If you decide to open your boutique of stylish and fashionable clothes, we are ready to help you! ⠀ 💫Why us? We offer you a wide range of clothes for boys and girls! And most importantly, a high-quality and unique product of Korean production! We are suppliers of Korean stock children's clothing at the lowest price on the market. We work with stock clothes, because stock is the remnants of NEW and TRENDING collections that will be relevant for a long time, which means a quick payback for you. The price is low, the quality is impressive, the design is one of the most advanced in the world. What else do you need to be successful? Only initial investment and desire to work. ABOUT THE PRODUCT 📍 Minimum purchase 10

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