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Lesovushka brand bath mat is filled with eco-shavings of aspen with the addition of fir needles. A fragrant bath and sauna canopy seat can be used in many ways, both as an aroma pillow and enjoy a special aroma, and a park mat, brewed in a small amount of hot water, and then poured over cold. Your body will receive healing substances through the pores of the skin and heal. The resulting broth can be used to create a fragrant steam that purifies the air and destroys pathogenic microbes. Massage bath mats for men and women help relieve accumulated stress, improve blood circulation, increase body resistance colds. The bath bed is not made of hay, it can be rolled up and put under the neck or under the lower back to relax the body. The cover for a small mattress is made of 100% cotton calico. , on an armchair in the living room, bedroom, nursery, home. Lesovushka brand bath accessories for relaxation are a wonderful gift for any holiday for the whole family.
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We make pillows and rollers from shavings of juniper, birch, aspen, fir, spruce and pine with the addition of herbs, needles.

We also produce goods for the bath: steamers for the bath, bath mats "health" from tree shavings with the addition of herbs and needles

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