Phyto - tea (herbal tea). Sagan Daylya bags (20 pcs.)
Phyto - tea (herbal tea). Sagan Daylya bags (20 pcs.)
Phyto - tea (herbal tea). Sagan Daylya bags (20 pcs.)
Phyto - tea (herbal tea). Sagan Daylya bags (20 pcs.)
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Phyto tea (herbal tea). Sagan Daylya "Honey" 20 sachets. Fresh collection. From the Eastern Sayan Mountains. For a healthy diet. • Harvesting - chopped and blended with thyme. For easy brewing and use. (Grind immediately before shipping); • Collected in - Eastern Sayan Mountains (Republic of Buryatia); • Grinding from 1 mm. up to 3 mm. Perfectly reveals all the taste and aroma of Sagan Daila; • Blended with Altai mint "honey". Net collection, no different inclusions; • Has passed the stage of gentle drying, during which the beneficial properties are preserved to the maximum. Airtight Zip - pack contains 20 brew filter bags. Total weight 30 g. No fragrances or colorants. Only natural and pure composition. Useful properties of herbal tea Sagan Daila (Sagan Dali). • One of the main properties of Sagan Daila (sagan dali) is that it is a natural energetic and perfectly stimulates the immune system . • Accelerates metabolism and has an antiviral effect. • Infusion made from Sagan Dayl has health-improving properties. The drink has a very pleasant and spicy aroma and a wonderful bouquet of taste sensations with notes of pine needles, honey and mint, and thyme adds its unique taste and aroma to the overall bouquet. How to brew herbal tea Sagan Daila. • Take one filter bag. • Brew in 200 ml . boiling water (mug, teapot). • Insist from 3 to 10 minutes . • You can take 2 times in the morning (morning and afternoon). The infusion can be drunk separately or brewed with any type of tea. Add a little honey if desired. The longer the filter bag is brewed, the richer the Sagan Dail infusion will be. The course of admission is up to 20 days . Next, take a break for 7 days . Sagan Daylya with "Honey" in bags for healthy and dietary food.
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Phyto - tea (herbal tea). Sagan Daylya bags (20 pcs.) - 66174

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