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Monoblock М180 Magnetic sealing device - 62682

LLC "Magnetpatch"
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Minimum order: 1 pcs

Supply ability: 100 pcs/per day

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Monoblock unit М180, intended to exclude emergency leaks at relatively low pressures in emergency tanks.
Between the magnetic blocks placed screw with a rubber sealing gasket. By applying a screw, the sealing gasket can be moved up or down relative to the unit.

The monoblock unit is placed on the damaged container so that the leak will be under the rubber gasket. By rotating the handle, the plate with a rubber gasket is pressed on the defective place until the leak eliminates.

The monoblock unit is removed by rotating the same handle in the same direction.

Product technical characteristics:

Type – Monoblock unit
Pressing force of the magnetic blocks to the metal surface - Not less than 150 kgf
Diameter of the sealed tank (pipeline) - Not less than 400 mm
Maximum diameter of the sealed gap - At a pressure of 5 atm - not less than 10 mm
Installation time, min - 0.5
Required amount of workers - 1
Dimensions, mm - 90x41x90
Weight, kg - 0.8
Service life - At the very least 10 years.

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