Derma Makeup Foundation - Intense Cover NEW WELL
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If you have a dynamic lifestyle, the foundation you use should be able to keep up with it. Fortunately, the need to refresh make-up during the day for maintaining an excellent look is now a thing of the past. Derma Long-Lasting Foundation is assertive about being an indispensable product the make-up bag with its long-lasting effect. This foundation does not feel like an additional layer on the skin and looks quite natural thanks to the beneficial minerals in its formula. Derma Long-Lasting Foundation, which is composed of minerals such as kaolin, a natural clay, magnesium and sodium, and has 2 different colour options, adapts to every skin type and also does not give the skin a feeling of weight. With its long-lasting concealer effect and the vividness provided to the skin, you can enjoy the pleasure of looking good all day long. Derma Long-Lasting Foundation hides all skin imperfections such as sun spots, acnes and acne scars and it is a magnificent product with high concealer properties. It does not go away from the skin with factors such as sweat, moisture and time. Its velvety texture softens fine lines and gives a healthy skin appearance. Especially if you do not want to use more than one product, Derma Long-Lasting Foundation may be the right choice for you. The care taken in choosing the correct product should be also taken when using the product. Clean your skin before applying the foundation. Then apply the foundation evenly by use of an application tool such as a sponge or brush and just witness the change. For the perfect look that is not lost even during the longest day, you should definitely meet Derma Long-Lasting Foundation.
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Derma Makeup Foundation - Intense Cover NEW WELL - 58232

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Supply ability: 20 pcs/per day

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