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Resh Cosmetics has created a revolutionary product - a new generation of antiperspirants with protection up to 7 days. Efficacy and safety confirmed by clinical studies. For regional representatives, very favorable partnership conditions. The minimum batch of bulk purchase is only 20 pieces. For the first partners, the lowest price. Ready to provide probes. Our managers will tell you the cost of delivery or prepare an option for individual cooperation. Our company is always open to compromise. We care about customers and partners! Resh Cosmetics specialists have developed a truly revolutionary composition that does not contain alcohol and parabens   Aloe extract is a unique remedy that helps to cope with many problems. It is able to deeply penetrate the skin and normalize the sebaceous glands. Aloe perfectly moisturizes, nourishes the skin, restoring the structure of the epidermis. In addition, aloe contains many phytoncides, enzymes, macro and micronutrients. Allantoin is a crystallized white substance, odorless, capable of dissolving well in water. It is absolutely hypoallergenic and perfectly interacts with other components of cosmetic preparations. It is added not only to cosmetics, but also to medicines for burns, injuries and other skin lesions. Allantoin has an extraordinary healing ability: it softens the stratum corneum, promoting the separation of dead cells, and stimulates tissue regeneration. Peppermint extract nourishes and tones the skin, has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and cooling effect.
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Antiperspirant - 50499

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