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Saeco Royal Classic Specifications: Pump pressure, Bar: 15 Type espresso machine For home business Grain and ground coffee Functions: auto shut-off, selection of the volume of portions, supply of hot water for tea, heating of cups, adjustment of coffee strength. Manual cappuccino preparation Ground coffee container Capacity for water, l: 2.4 Capacity of the container for coffee beans, g 300 Weight, kg: 13 Boiler material: aluminum alloy Body material: ABS plastic Power consumption, W: 1250 Color: silver with black Dimensions (WxHxD), mm: 340x395x410 Made in Germany The history of the Saeco International Group dates back to the 70s of the last century. In 1976, a company was created that produced equipment for the preparation of espresso coffee. From that moment, the history of a uniquely tasty drink brewed in a coffee machine began. Saeco gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the notes and the enchanting taste of this invigorating drink. The automatic Saeco Royal Classic machine differs from the models offered on the market by its simplicity and compactness in use, it is designed for making espresso coffee. It has a number of advantages, the main of which are additional functions: the quality of coffee grinding is regulated, it is pre-wetted, there is a nozzle for frothing milk and control of the volume and consumption of coffee per serving. In addition, you will be pleased with the spacious waste container for 30 portions and a capacity of 2.4 liters of water. It should be emphasized that the machine is not designed to accept ground coffee, it has a built-in grinder that accepts coffee of any roast. Such features and equipment allow using the coffee machine in small offices, banks and other similar organizations, where the invigorating and magical qualities of coffee will be 100% appreciated. The durability and quality of the Saeco Royal Classic coffee machine is confirmed by the material from which it is made, as evidenced by its appearance. The parts of the machine and the main connecting parts are made of brass and steel, the base is metal, and the body is high temperature ABS plastic. The Saeco Royal Classic is a machine designed for continuous operation, very easy to use and maintain.

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