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Deliveries from a manufacturer in China directly to your country using our trademark. Direct deliveries mean saving time, saving financial costs for delivery, the possibility of obtaining increased margins, transparency in pricing, and no intermediary leverage. Our trademark KIOKI is several years old and in a short period of time it has gained popularity on the largest Internet sites, such as: Wilberris, Ozone,, Obstetrics, Beru, Online trade, Helptumama and many others. Our brand is registered in 10 countries, including the CIS countries, as well as China, and some European countries, which will allow us to create stable and long-term partnerships. We have already signed an agreement with Belarus, Kazakhstan and we hope that our partnership will be beneficial to other countries as well. High-quality KIOKI premium-class diapers-panties for which only the best materials and modern technologies have been used! We do not skimp on components that ensure safety, comfort and ease of use. We realize that not only the health of the baby, but also the peace of mind of the parents depends on the quality of their performance! Our priority is your comfort and safety of the baby! We are sure that our soft, hypoallergenic, comfortable, high-quality and at the same time inexpensive (compared to analogues) diapers-panties will certainly interest parents of any income in your country! The KIOKI disposable diaper is based on an absorbent layer consisting of a modern and high-tech absorbent that absorbs liquid, turning it into a gel that locks it in itself forever. Even a lot of volume is okay with these super absorbent panties! • Such KIOKI diapers are arranged as follows. The inner layer is made of delicate cotton fabric with a unique 3D structure that absorbs moisture. A special protective cream and ingredients are applied to this fabric to stop the growth of bacteria. After contact with the skin, the cream thaws, and the baby's bottom is covered with a protective film, which protects against irritation at the points of contact with the diaper. The next layer is absorption. KIOKI panties-diapers use a fabric that "breathes" through the pores without allowing moisture to pass through. KIOKI diapers are designed for active pastime and provide a perfect fit on the baby's body, which makes the diaper more comfortable and comfortable to wear. The assortment includes: - KIOKI premium diaper panties: M, L, XL, XXL - KIOKI Comfort Soft diaper panties: M, L, XL, XXL. In development: Velcro diapers sizes S, M, L Ultra-thin breast pads. Wet wipes 80 pieces Wet wipes 20 pieces
USD 1.01/pcs 1.01
Bib, he's a neckerchief. It can be used instead of a scarf or as an accessory to any clothes
USD 1.38/pcs 1.38
Universal kit for baby. Bib looks stylish to the kit.
USD 3.12/pcs 3.12
Nice bright kit for baby
USD 2.45 - 2.63/pcs
New in the wardrobe of the kids! A worthy replacement for a trivial diaper. Now you do not need to swaddle your baby! When using a cocoon, swaddling turns into a very fast, pleasant, and most importantly convenient moment for the baby! The lock is hidden by a special pad and does not touch the baby’s body
USD 1.38/pcs 1.38
Convenient and functional kit for babies. You can use the kit and separately, at your discretion
USD 1.95 - 2.06/pcs
Semi-overalls are convenient to use both as an independent part of the wardrobe, and in combination with a T-shirt, blouse.
USD 0.44/pcs 0.44
Booties for babies. Do not fall off thanks to a wide elastic band
USD 0.48/pcs 0.48
Cap for babies with a small visor. The verified design of this seemingly small part of the wardrobe is actually very important. Our bonnet completely fits the baby’s head.
USD 0.71/pcs 0.71
Children's knitted hat
USD 1.14 - 1.51/pcs
Euro-elastic pants with a gusset sewn between the legs for the convenience of wearing panties with a diaper
USD 1.09 - 1.37/pcs
Very comfortable sliders with high elastic. We sew a gusset (insert) between the legs, so that it is convenient for the baby to wear our sliders with a diaper. The foot is made of individual parts (upper and lower).
USD 26.16 - 33.24/pcs
Slip - jumpsuit in fashionable colors is equally comfortable both for sleep and wakefulness. It is convenient to pry under outer clothing, as well as use as pajamas. Comfortable hood. * Soft, does not constrain movement. * Zipper for easy changing and changing diapers. * High wear resistance.
ООО "Лера"
Первоуральск, Russia
USD 5.34/pcs 5.34
USD 2.71 - 2.91/pcs
Overalls from a footer with a pile. Underwear. Sizes 56 to 80
USD 55.58 - 62.12/pcs
Esspero Transformer White is an innovation in the production of winter fur envelopes. Thanks to the completely removable bottom of the envelope, it can be transformed as your child grows and used much longer than other models of winter envelopes. The lower part of the envelope cylinder can be height-adjustable in three levels, fixed on strong buttons located around the circumference, or it can be completely unfastened, which will not allow your already running fidget to smear it with legs. The central part of the envelope has a zipper, which is hidden by a decorative strap. The hood can be adjusted with braid with clips. If necessary, the upper part of the envelope can be unscrewed and fixed with buttons, thus giving the child more freedom of movement. The envelope has slots for five-point seat belts that will securely fasten it in the stroller. You can also use the top of the envelope mount by fixing it to the back of the stroller. Envelope Transformer White, made of waterproof fabric in combination with hypoallergenic natural wool. He will give your baby a real comfort during a winter walk and take care of his health! Envelope characteristics Season Winter Top coat Waterproof fabric Insulation Natural sheep wool Filling color White Decor Embroidery Slots for belts Yes Possibility to tighten hood Yes Fastener with zipper, buttons Minimum size (L x W) 85x45 cm Maximum size (L x W) 105x45 cm Packaging: bag with handles size 55 * 95 cm
Уфа, Russia
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Composition: 100% cotton Sizes: 56-86
Уфа, Russia
Specify the price USD 0 0
Composition: 100% cotton Sizes: 68-86
Уфа, Russia
Specify the price USD 0 0
Composition: 100% cotton Sizes: 56-86

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