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Люблин, Poland
USD 2.27/kg 2.27
Second-hand accessories from England The Accessories category includes belts, bags, jewelry, bijoux, ties, handmade materials, etc. Things designed to spice up the look High quality bags and belts made of leather and substitutes. Matte, patent leather, crocodile leather Belts for men and women of different sizes, thicknesses and designs from well-known brands Brands: Zara, Next, New look, Georgia, Atmosphere, ASOS, Hollister, Super dry, River Island, Gap, Topshop, Adidas, Lacoste, etc. Condition: product without traces of wear or with minor defects. Packed in 25 kg transparent bags. Clothes can be sorted in a different way, according to the individual order of the client. The price is negotiable when buying a large batch of goods. The product is already in stock in Lublin. Please contact us for any questions))

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