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Belts, suspenders in bulk on Qoovee

İstanbul, Turkey
USD 1.8/pcs 1.8
Celin buckle belt Width 3 cm Length 105 cm Artificial leather belt Our belts have 10 holes. More than 100 stocks were offered to be sold at the campaign price. The seller determines the selling price of the product you have examined. This product is not included in the discount campaign.
Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
Specify the price USD 0 0
Leather bags, wallets, belts, business card holders and more.
USD 2.22/pcs 2.22
Leather braided belt for men Size 100 105 110 115 120 cm
USD 100.0/pcs 100.0
Custom-made welcome With custom printed logo Safety buckle available Competitive Price: Place of Origin: Taiwan Sales Method: Export, Manufacture Payment Term: T/T
USD 78.0/pcs 78.0
Premium Italian genuine leather belts. Individual engraving inside or outside.
USD 6.0/pcs 6.0
It is 100% leather. It is made in the desired model and quality. The products in the image can be detailed. The price may show differences. Customer satisfaction is very important to our company. When necessary, production is made according to the company's requests. We actively export to Australia, Russia and European countries.
Specify the price USD 0 0
    We present to your attention a new product of our production - a high-strength, functional and reliable buckle "ZUBR". ZUBR is a practical quick-release buckle that can withstand loads of up to 700 kilograms. They are made of ultra- strong TsAM alloys , which have high corrosion resistance and low reflectivity (not visible in a night vision scope and poorly visible in various thermal imagers). Unilateral opening of the lock is not possible even if the buckle is under load. Buckles "ZUBR" are designed for those for whom it is especially important that the ammunition does not fail at the most crucial and dangerous moment, namely for employees of the military and law enforcement agencies, rescuers, climbers, fishermen and travelers.
The best from UK
Люблин, Poland
USD 2.31/kg 2.31
Second-hand accessories from England The Accessories category includes belts, bags, jewelry, bijoux, ties, handmade materials, etc. Things designed to spice up the look High quality bags and belts made of leather and substitutes. Matte, patent leather, crocodile leather Belts for men and women of different sizes, thicknesses and designs from well-known brands Brands: Zara, Next, New look, Georgia, Atmosphere, ASOS, Hollister, Super dry, River Island, Gap, Topshop, Adidas, Lacoste, etc. Condition: product without traces of wear or with minor defects. Packed in 25 kg transparent bags. Clothes can be sorted in a different way, according to the individual order of the client. The price is negotiable when buying a large batch of goods. The product is already in stock in Lublin. Please contact us for any questions))
Москва, Russia
USD 4.36/pcs 4.36
Name: Elastic Velcro belt (Velcro) Part numbers (examples): TPL-BELT-105-W TPL-BELT-105-B Features: Length: 105 cm (any order) Stretch length: 180 cm Color: white W / black B Weight: 30 gr. Set: belt + a piece of reciprocal Velcro with a self-adhesive surface It is used for fastening, fixing and wearing gadgets, tools, devices, batteries, covers and any other improvised things.
Москва, Russia
USD 3.81/pcs 3.81
Name: Elastic Velcro strap (Velcro) Part numbers (examples): TPL-BELT-42-W TPL-BELT-42-B Features: Length: 42 cm (any order) Stretch length: 65 cm Color: white W / black B Weight: 10 gr. Set: strap + a piece of reciprocal Velcro with a self-adhesive surface It is used for fastening, fixing and wearing gadgets, tools, devices, batteries, covers and any other improvised things.
USD 7.62/pcs 7.62

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