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EGOист маркет
Балаково, Russia
USD 1.0/pcs 1.0
Yakuza premium is a manufacturer of high quality clothing for men, women and children from Germany (Berlin). The products are produced in small editions. Differs in a very detailed study of design, individual authentic style. The assortment is dominated by a predominantly brutal Skull style. The brand's clothing belongs to the premium segment. We deliver to any region of Russia on a turnkey basis. Goods are imported into the territory of the Russian Federation absolutely legally with full customs clearance.
USD 10.9/pcs 10.9
We are manufacturers of children's outerwear, specializing in products made from natural wool. Our products are internationally certified by Wol Mark. A variety of designer designs allows you to always find your consumer. We look forward to further cooperation and feedback!
"Asian Silk Way"
Москва, Russia
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Children's clothing for boys and girls of various ages. We work with various factories that produce a variety of clothing options, with high quality.
USD 15.15/pcs 15.15
Top - Pronto, Milky, PU, BO (100% PE), Lining - 100% HB Heater - UMKA 100 Description: Jackets for our kids - a modern choice for young parents! Magnificent dense fabric with special moisture-repellent and windproof impregnation. Stitch is a hit for several seasons! Stand collar. Short sleeve with decorative zipper. Delicate lining maintains a comfortable body temperature. Leather patch and hanger DariMir.
USD 35.97/pcs 35.97
Composition: Upper - Membrane Dobby ZL 3000/3000 (100% PE) Lining - PolarFlis 180 (100% PE) Heater - UMKA 200 (100% PE) Description: NEW 2019! Bright and warm membrane jumpsuit. Nice to the touch fleece as a lining retains heat, maintains a comfortable body temperature. Sleeves have knitted cuffs. Convenient zipper in the middle has an additional windward strap fixed by buttons. The zipper has a strap eyelet to protect the child's chin from pinches. Patch pockets. Reflective elements on legs, chest. Decorative knurling. Hanger DariMir. Spent patterns guarantee an excellent fit on the figure of a child.
USD 59.94/pcs 59.94
Composition : Transformer jumpsuit: Top - 100% Polyester (Duspo 320 + Duspo 320 print), Lining - 100% PE EuroFlis 120, Insulation - EuroSintepon 200 Envelope : Top - 100% Polyester (Duspo 320), Lining and Insulation - Fur P / W (60% wool) Sizes of the transformer overalls: 80 (with an envelope with a zipper - 68, an envelope with buttons -74, with legs - 80) Envelope use: from birth to 3 years Description: An exclusive model of a 3 in 1 demi-season set (demi-season envelope + demi-season overalls + fur envelope in a stroller / sled) from DariMir. The superiority of the Baby set lies in its multidisciplinary nature : you get a wide range of outerwear for use over several seasons and even years, which significantly reduces your costs for demi-season clothing for newborns. The model is sewn in pastel colors using printed DariMir fabrics. 1. Transformer jumpsuit is used for 3 seasons: autumn-winter-spring, first in the form of an envelope for discharge, then it is transformed into a jumpsuit. Booties included. Instead of mittens, which mothers do not use, sleeve-valves are provided, which is much more convenient and warmer in operation. Sleeves come with knitted cuffs. Transformer lightning between legs. The bottom of the envelope is fastened with a zipper and buttons, i.e. double extension of the envelope. For ease of use, there are two side zippers on the transformer breast. The jumpsuit is decorated with decorative elements from printed fabric produced by DariMir. 2. The fur envelope is used in the winter. The first year - in a wheelchair, the second and subsequent - in a sled. The model has two side zippers, which allows you to unzip it completely and use it as a blanket. The semicircular bottom does not hold down the baby's legs. The envelope is also decorated with decorative elements from printed fabric of own production. Use cases: - separately demi-season transformer overalls in the form of an envelope - autumn-spring - at a temperature setting for walking to -10 ° C in the first year of a child's life; - together a demi-season transformer overalls with a fur envelope - winter - at a temperature condition for walking to -25С in the first year of a child’s life in a stroller; - separately demi-season transformer overalls in the form of overalls with booties - autumn-spring - at a temperature setting for walking to -10 ° C in the second year of a child's life; - separately a fur envelope - winter - at a temperature for walking up to -25С in the following years of a child’s life in a stroller or sledges in the form of a warming envelope for legs or a warming blanket for a seat.
USD 42.51/pcs 42.51
(Jumpsuit + Fur liner) (Fall / Winter / Spring) Retail price 3900 Composition: Top - 100% Polyester (Duspo 320 / own print) Lining - Top - Fleece 130 (100% PE), Bottom - Taffeta (100 PE%) Heater - EuroSintepon 200 Fur overalls - Fur P / W (60% wool) Sizes: 92 and 98 Age: 2 - 3 years Colors: SALAD BEIGE Description: Jumpsuit “Fidgets” with a 2 in 1 fur insert - the most necessary thing in a child’s wardrobe - is used for 3 seasons - together - in winter, without fur lining - in autumn and spring. Plain overalls “play” and stand out due to the wide lee in the form of a folding yoke - a panoramic picture. Fur liner with knitted cuffs. The model is fastened with a zipper. There are side pockets. The volume of the hood is regulated by clamps. The panties end with stretching cuffs with an elastic band with fixings for fixing on the child’s shoes. A patch is a loop in the form of a loop sewn to the lower edge of the trouser leg, which covers the foot (sometimes under the sole of the shoe), pulling the trouser leg, preventing them from bullying when moving.
USD 16.35/pcs 16.35
Top - Dewspo, WR, PU (100% PE), Lining - Polar Fleece 180 (100% Polyester) Sizes (growth) - 80; 86; 92; 98; 104; 110; 116; 122.
USD 270.0/pcs 270.0
color: white and black
USD 450.0/pcs 450.0
Composition: 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra
USD 3.27/pcs 3.27
Composition: 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra
USD 3.49/pcs 3.49
Composition: 100% Cotton
USD 3.81/pcs 3.81
Composition: 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra
USD 3.49/pcs 3.49
Composition: 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra
USD 0.44 - 5.45/pcs
Knitted clothes, 100% cotton. Mandatory availability of certificates. Delivery of shopping mall across the Russian Federation to any point. Check prices with managers. When orders on an ongoing basis, there are good discounts and bonuses. Website
USD 1.74/pcs 1.74
Composition cooler silk-screen printing 100% cotton Size
USD 1.74/pcs 1.74
Футболки енот  Состав кулир х/б 100% шелкография Цвета белый.желтый.черный.голубой.розовый
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Our company is engaged in the wholesale of knitted and textile products manufactured in the Republic of Belarus (direct importers) and Russia for a wide range of interested organizations and private entrepreneurs. Yantar-2000 LLC presents products of such well-known factories as: SVITANAK, March 8, Belaruska and many other enterprises (home knitwear). And we also work with Russian factories for the production of knitwear, (knitted knitwear; Belarus and Russia are also sending new products and catalogs to order), and we began cooperation with the Samo factory from Uzbekistan The selection of goods at the enterprises is carried out independently , therefore all products in the warehouse of our company are of excellent quality and modern design. The range of products offered is not limited. Becoming our customer, you will receive products that are well-known not only in Belarus, but also in the Baltic countries and the West. The company's activities are aimed at maximizing customer satisfaction: Competent management consultations Office and warehouse are located in one place Tracking new fashion trends High product quality Constant availability of goods in a wide range, new deliveries every 2 weeks Flexible pricing (discount system starts from 10 000rub -3%) An individual approach to each client, the minimum shipment of 5000t.rub The shortest delivery time to any region of the Russian Federation, by rail and by road. 89086393002
USD 8.72 - 10.9/pcs
Top - 100% Cotton Lining - 100% Cotton Sizes (growth): 80; 86; 104; 110; 116 Russian size (chest circumference): 24; 30; 30; 32; 34 Description: Custom-made summer dresses are always individual. 100% natural ecofabric is ideal for dresses for a holiday, a kindergarten or just for walking. A loose fit is perfect for every baby. Floral print for a warm summer. Decoration - decorative ruffles and wing sleeves. The back of the button.
USD 11.99/pcs 11.99
The Miracle Baby set consists of 7 items: 1-Blanket 100x100 2-Corner 3-belt bow 4-cap 5-vest 6-Diaper 7-Sliders Season autumn - spring (insulation 200 gr.) Summer season (insulation 100 gr.)
USD 2.4 - 7.08/pcs
The garment factory is pleased to offer you a wide range of services for the production of knitted clothes, overalls, promotional clothes, uniforms and accessories in Moscow to order for business, wholesale at the best prices! We also offer you services for applying logos, embroidery and promotional texts. Professional team, modern equipment and conscientious The ratio allows you to fulfill orders efficiently and on time at agreed prices. We invite you to long-term cooperation.
USD 5.99 - 16.89/pcs
Our company offers products with prints and for printing. Fabrics can be any, depending on the wishes of the client
USD 19.56/pcs 19.56
Children's glasses Polaroid P0425V (8-12) protective, dark lenses blue frame unregulated arms
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      JSC “MPSHO Smena” is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of school, elegant and everyday   clothes from 2 to 16 years offers cooperation with your company on mutually beneficial conditions.        Each year, the company produces more than 600 models of new samples made of high-tech materials with a high content of natural fibers. Models are available in collections and are easily equipped with each other. All manufactured   Products undergo multi-stage quality control and meet all the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.          JSC MPSHO Smena is a two - time winner of the All-Russian competition of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation under   the participation of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation “The best school uniform” in 2015 and 2016.   Change Winner of the Golden Bear Cub National Award,   laureate of the quality “Best for Children”, Winner of the National Golden Spindle Award.   We offer   different variants   cooperation: work on pre-order and on the availability of goods in stock.   When working on pre-order, you have the opportunity: - choose the models you like; - determine the color scheme based on the analysis of sales of your school range; - determine the size you need; - agree on delivery time; - agree on a pricing policy, at this stage we can offer you the lowest possible prices, which will depend on the amount   prepayment and scope of delivery. In case of your interest, ready   answer all your questions. We will be glad to mutually beneficial cooperation! Sales Manager JSC "MPSHO Change" Farafonova Tatyana tel: +7 (495) 660-01-06 ext. 151

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