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Children's hosiery in bulk on Qoovee

Rebers International
Сеул, South Korea
USD 0.35 - 1.0/pcs
South Korean socks🧦 Men's, Women's, Children's (1-12 years). If you are interested I will send you our catalogue.
Bursa, Turkey
USD 1.2/pcs 1.2
%100 cotton
USD 2.65/pcs 2.65
cotton socks 100% made in cina,size 35/46 several colors.the price change for more quantity.
Specify the price USD 0 0
socks in wholesale cotton 100% made in cina,size 35/46,different colors.the price depend of quantity.
LLC "Style"
Москва, Russia
USD 0.76/pairs 0.76
Children's and teenage socks in an assortment of sizes, models and colors on request Sock heights - from short to high (at the request of the client) Composition: Cotton 85%, polyamide 15%, elastane 5% Sizes: 14-16 / 16-18 / 18-20 / 20-22 / 22-24 To specify the final price upon request The cost depends on the model, color scheme and the presence of a drawing. Discounts on the volume of the order Prepayment - 100% Delivery in Moscow and the Moscow region - free of charge Delivery to other regions - at the expense of the buyer. Free shipping of any TC of your choice
USD 5.0 - 9.0/pcs
The attached images are for informational purposes only. We are Turkey's most affordable children's clothing wholesalers. We welcome you to our stores.
USD 0.5 - 0.7/pcs
Children's socks
USD 0.5 - 0.7/pcs
Socks for boys and girls. Composition: 80% cotton, 15% polyester, 5% elastane.
USD 1.0 - 2.0/pcs
Our product is Mongolian high quality yak, cashmere and camel wool socks. we already export to Russia and Kazakhstan.
USD 2.04/pcs 2.04
Dayco bamboo socks are the perfect choice for those who value comfort and convenience. Bamboo socks are an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic option because bamboo is a fast growing plant that does not require the use of chemical fertilizers. We only use the highest quality bamboo to create our socks. Bamboo has excellent breathability and moisture wicking properties, making our Dayco Bamboo Socks ideal for those who suffer from sweaty feet. Dayco Bamboo Socks are soft and comfortable to wear. Due to its nature, bamboo fibers have a natural softness, which makes socks made of this material an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. Our products include a variety of styles and designs, from classic black socks to vibrant colors and prints. In addition, we offer socks of various lengths, ranging from low socks to long socks for sports purposes. Dayco Bamboo Socks are a great combination of comfort, style and durability. We guarantee that our dayco bamboo socks will become your favorite socks for everyday use.
Черкесск, Russia
USD 1.83/pcs 1.83
Sizes for children's socks: 1-2 years, 3-4 years, 5-7 years. The color may differ from the one shown in the photo. If you need a specific color, please specify when ordering. The minimum purchase amount is a total of 5000 rubles for all products of our brand without size ranges. Payment for logistics at the expense of the buyer upon receipt of the goods, the choice of a transport company after placing an order.
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Knitwear Glitter 2 roses Embroidered Hair Knitting Baby Booties 100% Acrylic 06 Months
Specify the price USD 0 0
Knitwear Links Baby Toy Booties 100% Acrylic 0-6 Months Newborn
Specify the price USD 0 0
Hattuş Horizontal Links Lace-Up Baby Booties
USD 0.75/pcs 0.75
Specify the price USD 0 0
The order of the minimum lot must be from 30,000 items. The cost of delivery depends on the country and the size of the consignment, so the cost is always calculated individually. We conclude contracts with both individuals and legal entities. We have a wide range of products for men, women and children. For sports, casual, festive and many others. At present, we have more than 300 kinds of hosiery.
USD 1.75/pcs 1.75
bamboo tights for kids
Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
USD 23.0/pcs 23.0
Zara original. Turkey.
Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
Specify the price USD 0 0
Baby clothes
USD 12.0 - 18.0/pcs
Sizes: (1-2) (3-4) (5-6) (7-8) (9-10) (11-12) Available in bamboo, cotton and thermal
USD 6.0 - 10.0/pcs
Sizes (1-2) (3-4) (5-6) (7-8) (9-10) (11-12) Cotton
USD 0.85 - 15.0/pcs
Baby knitted overalls and booties
Clothing from Kyrgyzstan
Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
USD 2.0/pcs 2.0
Knee-highs manufactured in Guangzhou Size from 6 years to teenagers
Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
Specify the price USD 0 0
Baby clothes. Production Turkey. Wholesale. Good quality. There is also tailoring of children's clothing from Kyrgyzstan.
Екатеринбург, Russia
USD 6.86 - 10.67/pcs
Pants, suit, trousers, skirt, t-shirts
Bystryy opt (IP v Rossii)
Pattaya, Thailand
USD 5.0 - 50.0/pcs
Thai children's clothing.
Anemon Socks
İstanbul, Turkey
USD 13.0/pcs 13.0
Children's Pantyhose Striped Striped Set of 6 Anemon Socks Products are Produced in Turkey…
Anemon Socks
İstanbul, Turkey
USD 6.0/pairs 6.0
Kids' Knee-Line Striped 3 Piece Set Anemon Socks Made in Turkey
İstanbul, Turkey
USD 3.5 - 4.0/pcs
It is soft, flexible and comfortable. It is a breathable fabric, at the same time it does not get cold and does not sweat. It is produced with water-based paint technology that does not contain chemicals and carcinogens. It is natural, 100% COTTON inner lining. It is easy to put on, thanks to the baby elastic used on the ankle parts, it is easy to put on, it is difficult for children to take off. It is healthy, thanks to its comfortable structure, it is recommended for foot development. It has a non-slip base. Washable. MADE IN TURKEY
USD 487.8 - 2439024.39/pcs
Composition: high quality cotton fiber - 80%, additive - 20%. We will make designer socks according to your sketches
Specify the price USD 0 0
Socks wholesale export. Children's socks, Women's socks, Men's socks.
Flea market Turkey
Стамбул, Turkey
USD 9.12 - 13.68/pairs
Baby socks With an unusual design Air category: 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 In a pack of 12 pieces Price- $ 10-12 per pack
USD 2.0 - 4.0/pcs
quality socks
Istanbul, Turkey
Specify the price USD 0 0
Modal Bamboo Cotton Recycled yarn Wool Viskose
Specify the price USD 0 0
We specialize in wholesale and retail sales of children's clothing of our own production. All products presented in our online store are made only from natural materials. These are cotton, wool and linen. All our products have certificates of compliance with the standards of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan. You will receive the goods, the quality of which has been confirmed.
USD 0.67 - 0.91/pcs
Children tights: From 12-18 sizes, children from 1-15 years old. Prices: 12-16 sizes 65 som. 17-18 sizes 75 som. Multicolored colors, packed in 10 pcs. In bags, the quantity is different in accordance with the quantity. (Indicated in the price list). Certificates of conformity are available.
USD 1.1/pcs 1.1
Children's pantyhose types are produced in different patterns. The minimum order for the new requested pattern is 3600 pieces. The minimum order for the existing patterns is 1200 pieces
Магнитогорск, Russia
Specify the price USD 0 0
Since 2010, he has been a distributor of Mongolian wool products in Russia and is looking for a buyer for the territory of Kazakhstan. Our wholesale buyers appreciate the quality and value of Mongolian wool products. All products undergo customs control and certification and the company has a flexible pricing policy, the terms of cooperation are negotiable. Our assortment: hosiery, knee pads, mittens, gloves, mitts, hats, scarves, shawls, stoles, knee pads, thermal underwear, belts, vests, sleeping bags. We are open to dialogue and discussion of the terms of cooperation. Deliveries are made to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Logistic routes have been established.
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our socks is cotton 100%  and made in cina. size 35/46 ,miste and different  colors.we sell only in wholesale and the  prices  depend of quantity .

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