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All Children's shearling coats suppliers from Ukraine

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Харьков, Ukraine
USD 35.82/pcs 35.82
Artificial fur was appreciated, and will always be highly valued, and it does not depend on fashion and season. It can warm even in the most severe and inhospitable frosts, as well as emphasize individuality and style, and even give status. The most popular among women is a coat of silver fox. And not entirely consisting of fur, and in part, cuff sleeves and a collar, as a neck frame. Such a model is a recognized classic and always remains popular and fashionable. The store offers clothes decorated with high-quality artificial silver fox fur. COAT FOR THE GIRL “CHERNOBURK” FROM THE PRODUCER The silver fox is a fox fur with a unique black-brown coat color, which is a very rare species. Its distinctive feature is a long, thick and magnificent pile, with such a pile the base material becomes almost invisible, indistinguishable. The Silver Fox coat for a girl can become your daughter’s favorite outfit, because it is impossible not to admire him for his features, lines, splendor, color. In this model, collar and cuffs are made of artificial fur. By the way, the fur is removable. And this allows you to care for and clean it separately from the product, as the fur is often quite capricious. The removable collar even allows you to create new images separately with it, changing its location on clothes or replacing accessories for it. A silver fox collar and cuffs adorn the coat, distinguishing it from ordinary, gray and modesty. The collar, by the way, can be applied to different types of outerwear - jackets, raincoats, other coats. The outfit itself has an average length above the knees, which does not prevent the child from being active even in such an elegant robe. Comes with a belt. A deep hood trimmed with fur can serve as a headgear. The model is very slim and girls are showing slightly higher than their height. You can wear both with a skirt and tight trousers, the bottom of which is hidden in boots. CHARACTERISTICS FOR COATS Insulation (fastener) - thinsulate 120. Temperature: up to - 5 degrees C.

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