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All Clothes for preschool children suppliers from Ukraine

USD 8.0/pcs 8.0
Very fashionable three-piece suits for girls with a lush openwork skirt. In the size of 5 pieces. (122, 128, 134, 140, 146). The sizes are full. Measurements on request. It can be ordered in any sizes and colors, in any quantity. Fabric: 3 thread with lurex.
USD 6.6/pcs 6.6
jacket with a pattern for a girl from knitwear footer without fleece
USD 5.8/pcs 5.8
beautiful dress for girls, can be used as a school uniform
USD 11.0/pcs 11.0
dress for girls, warmed, knitted footer with fleece, different colors and patterns
USD 6.65/pcs 6.65
beautiful dress with ruffles for girls, available in different colors
USD 7.3/pcs 7.3
Kids Couture raspberry fleece sweater - the perfect choice for a girl. It is sewn from fleece, which has established itself as a durable and wear-resistant material. Long-sleeved straight-cut sweater with a round neckline. The item is decorated with decorations in the form of white snowballs. This jumper is a great option for warm off-season days, goes well with jeans and trousers.

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