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All Crop Production suppliers from Turkey

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We are an international trading, marketing, broking and logistic company located in Turkey.We can provide ALL KINDS OF FOODS, ALL KINDS OF CHEMICALS, ALL KINDS OF MINING PRODUCTS, ALL KINDS OF TEXTILES AND MANY MORE.
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hazelnut kernels raw-natural roasted blanched   11-13mm 13-15mm   whole diced sliced meal paste
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We continue to add value to your tables with Erel Olive Quality.
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; l & ccedil; controls target fogging. R & uuml; zg and rain sensors keep windows closed during stormy and rainy weather. & Uuml; can be remotely managed from computers and smartphones using a web browser . Any other senses you want (light, carbon dioxide) and control programs (fan, honeycomb, curtain, carbon dioxide) can be added for additional fee. THE DELIVERY IS IN 1 WEEK FROM THE DELIVERY RATE.
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Dimension range: EC (0.00-1.99 mS), pH ( 0.00-9.99), Water Temperature (00.0-50.0C) Size: & nbsp; EC (0.01 mS) , pH (0.01), Water Temperature (0.1C) Temperature compensation Sensor cable length: 3m pH calibration: pH7 and pH4 EC calibration: 1.413mS G & ouml; nt & uuml; l & uuml; and audible alarm Outputs: Food A and B (220V), Acid or Base (220V), heating or cooling (dry contact 10A), Alarm (dry contact 10A) Peristaltic pumps: 0.5 bar pressure, adjustable flow rate between 0 - 5.1 lt / hr Sensors: EC, pH, water temperature Internet connection: Ethernet RJ-45 Display: 6 lines, 16 characters Supply: 220VAC, 50Hz Dimensions: 45 x 31 x 17cm
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Irrigation at the desired EC and pH value by automatically mixing power and acid into the irrigation water It allows the pump and parcel valves to be opened at desired times. Can be controlled on the Internet. Display: 22 cm x 13cm, 10.1 ", 1024X600 pixels, color, TFT, touch Flow rate: 3.6 m & sup3; / h (can dose 120 m & sup3; / h irrigation water) Pressure: 6 atm (the highest can be connected to 5 atm pressure lines) Input diameter: 1 & frac12; & rdquo; Output diameter: 1 & frac12; & rdquo; 2 pieces of power, 1 piece of venturi for acid (each channel max. 600 lt / h) 2 power valves, 1 electric valve for acid 2 pieces of power, 1 piece of flow rate indicator for acid PVC board Aluminum g & ouml; vde EC and pH sensor (second EC and pH sensor can be installed) Irrigation according to the total light (when used with light sensor) 4 mixing tank control & uuml; 8 irrigation valves control & uuml; (can be increased to 64 valves) Ethernet connection for Internet connection Size: 113 x 55 x 45 cm Weight: 50 kg
Istanbul, Turkey
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