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Nur Sofyan
USD 30100.0/pcs 30100.0
The Smarky machine is a flexible and economic laser system for marking plastic and any type of metal material. This high quality marking laser allows you to engrave names, logos and inscriptions as well as transfer photographic images onto metal. The Smarky laser source gives you the possibility to mark on a working area of 17”L X 13.4”W X 4.6”H. This compact & flexible system is ideal for class 1 applications. The Sisma Smarky comes equipped with the SLC Sisma software.Laser PARAMETERS:Technical Characteristics: SMARKY • Laser Source: Nd: YVO4• Wave Length: 1064 nm• Power Supply: 220V• Output Power: 10W• Dimensions: (W X D X H) 20.5” X 23.6” X 24.4”• Marking Area: 4.3” X 4.3” X 4.6” Tall• Cooling System: Air• Engraving materials: Engraves on all metals & plastic• Weight: 207 lbs (94 kgs)• Focal: F160mm• Working Area: 17”L X 13.4”W X 4.6”H• 24 month manufacturers warranty
Ташкент, Uzbekistan
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An enterprise in Russia accepts orders for the supply of mini-smelters. Detailed information is available on the resource
USD 500.0/pcs 500.0
Sharpener in use, link to video:   Professional sharpening machine for band saws GM-2 - 150 Taking into account the many years of experience, the industrial company "PE Inter plus", the Lenker brand, we managed to design and create an ideal sharpening machine GM-2-150 Lenker, designed for high-quality, high-performance sharpening of band saws in automatic mode using a special wheel with borazon coating. The design of the sharpening device allows you to sharpen the saws up to 60 mm wide with very high quality and productivity. The sharpening speed of the band saw is approximately 1 tooth per second, which is 4 times faster than a conventional universal sharpening device such as ПЗЛ. The profile of the tooth exactly matches the profile of the grinding wheel. During the sharpening of the saw, coolant is supplied to the cutting zone. Technical characteristics of the GM-2 150 sharpening machine technical characteristics: </ p> meaning: Mains voltage Grinding wheel drive power Grinding wheel Saw width to be sharpened Saw thickness Cutting speed 380v - 3ph (220v - 1ph) 550W 150x20 mm 27 - 60mm 0.8 - 1,4mm 49m / sec

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