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Against the backdrop of today’s diversity of Hotels and Commercial establishments, one of the main tasks of the proprietor is to establish their own style and identity. To create a unique atmosphere, one of the most important elements and key to this to create an overall and lasting impression of the rooms is the Carpet. The Hotel & Commercial industries are renowned for choosing Carpets as their preferred choice of floor coverings to complement their finishes in the rooms and public areas. Whilst Carpets perform practical functions at the same time the effect they can add with colour and vibrancy to the interior is fantastic, modern production techniques in carpet manufacturing coupled with raw material advancements provide almost unlimited possibilities for achieving this through Design. In today’s modern Hotel and Commercial enterprises the Carpets supplied must meet exacting standards and be fit for purpose for their intended installations, also giving the end user the corresponding level of comfort and enjoyment. One of the most preferred type of floor coverings for use in contract installations is Axminster Woven Carpets. Most of the worlds leading Hotel and Commercial establishments prefer Axminster Woven Carpets. ZENOVA Woven Carpets are a quality as well as a luxurious flooring, competitively priced, using the latest manufacturing techniques, couple this with advancements in raw material makes ZENOVA an even more attractive choice for the many. ZENOVA would be pleased to invite you to browse our collections, get familiar with our In-house Designers works of art. Bespoke Design Service is our speciality but we are equally happy to replicate and work with any clients brief.

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