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VALFEX aluminum radiators are high-strength aluminum devices that can be used both for autonomous heating systems and for central heating systems of low-rise buildings. The high heat dissipation of the sections makes it possible to use radiators in heating systems with a low-temperature operation system. The low inertia of the radiators provides effective thermal management with a guarantee of maximum comfort. Non-freezing liquids, whose pH is in the range of 7-8, can be used as a heat carrier. General characteristics of the device: Operating pressure: 16 atm. Pressure testing: 24 atm. For the production of radiators, a special low-zinc aluminum alloy is used. All radiators are double-colored: the first layer is applied by electrophoresis, providing corrosion protection, both the external and internal surfaces of the device. The second layer is applied in an electrostatic system by coating the prepared radiator surface with epoxy powder. Such a coating significantly increases the reliability of radiators and reduces the likelihood of channel overgrowth. Maximum heat carrier temperature: 110 ° С. The modern design of the device harmoniously fits into almost any interior. VALFEX aluminum and bimetallic radiators are certified by the State Standard of the Russian Federation and are recommended for use in Russian conditions. Fully adapted for use in Russian central heating systems. Warranty for radiators is 5 years.

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