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All men's work clothing suppliers from Turkey

USD 6.0 - 9.0/pcs
Antibacterial Protective Overalls. High quality Tyvek material Production Turkey All certificates are available.
USD 7.69/pcs 7.69
Heavy duty protective suits, certificate, free shipping. Does the quarantine spoil all your plans too? If you are looking for reusable protective overalls for employees of shops, catering, medical institutions, pharmacies or the industrial zone, then this is the best option you can find! We will deliver to you free of charge in Bishkek (when ordering in bulk from 30 pcs). There is a certificate of conformity of quality (see photo). The suit uses a layer of membrane polyester, thanks to which your employees will be protected from: dust, viruses and bacteria (direct contact with infected is possible); rain and wind (while the material breathes); damage (the material is dense and does not wear out, covers the entire body); discomfort (the suit is lightweight and does not interfere with work, it is easy to put on, it also has rubber bands on the arms and legs). The suit is not afraid of disinfection with bleach and whiteness, it is well washed even at 40-60 degrees. Almost no creases, dries quickly and does not require special care. The hood covers the hair, so the costume does not need an additional hat. We believe that your safety, quality materials and professional tailoring are more important than the cheapness of the product. So you save on strength. And at the same time the costume turns out to be cheaper than analogues in the market for 100-900 soms! Write to us here or call the number.

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