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Surge protectors, extension cords, splitters, tees-from 115r Cables patch cord 3m - from 18r Adapters and adapters - from 13p Szu for laptops universal-from 560r HDMI cables from 47p VGA / SVGA / DVI-cables from 38p Cables for the printer - from 30r USB extension cables from 32p Cables tulips - from 22r Power Cables - from 20p
USD 0.44/pcs 0.44
BURO mouse pad with pattern Non-slip base allows you to tightly fix the mat on the table surface. Dense and smooth material gives good resistance to mechanical stress, provides clear beam positioning of optical and most types of laser mice. Great for office and home use. An armpit with a bright and stylish design will be an interesting accessory for decorating your desktop. It is convenient not only for permanent placement in one place, but also for carrying in a bag, easy to clean. You can buy a mouse pad at a bargain price in the Media55 online store and Klik55 retail stores. Characteristics: Manufacturer: BURO. Compatibility: Laser and optical mice. Coating: PVC. Base: Sponge rubber. Color: Pattern / Venice. Dimensions: 230 x 180 x 2mm.
USD 0.5/pcs 0.5
Wired mouse Red Line Lite ML-35 Red Line Lite is a wired mouse with a compact and ergonomic design. It is equipped with an optical sensor with a resolution of 1600 dpi and is distinguished by the clarity of work on any surface. The symmetrical shape makes it possible to control the mouse with any hand. Before starting work, it is enough to connect the manipulator to the USB port of the computer without installing drivers. The compact and lightweight model fits comfortably even on a small desktop and allows you to work with it for a long time without fatigue. The classic design is suitable for any interior. And the low price will be especially pleasant for those who need to buy several mice at once. Characteristics: Manufacturer: Red Line Name: Wired Mouse Management: 2 buttons + button wheel Sensor Type: Optical Resolution: 1600 dpi OS Compatibility: Windows XP / Vista / 7, Mac OS Interface: USB Cable length: 1.2m Case Material: Plastic
USD 2.84/pcs 2.84
Keyboard wired Smartbuy ONE 112 USB The classic wired Smartbuy ONE keyboard for home and office, has a standard feature set and classic layout. The model is equipped with a full-sized layout, comfortable keys with good tactile feedback. Retractable legs allow you to adjust the angle. The keyboard does not require installing drivers and is ready to work immediately after connecting to a computer USB port. The device keys are membrane type. There is a block of digital buttons, above which there are indicator lights. The well-developed form provides ease of use and the absence of fatigue for a long time. Specifications: Manufacturer: SmartBuy Device type: wired keyboard Number of keys: 104 Character color: white Tilt angle: adjustable Interface: USB Compatibility: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
USD 22.01/pcs 22.01
Super Speed SSD! Indilinx is an SSD-adapted controller with no Jmicron flaws. Excellent recording performance is its main property. Balanced performance (almost the same read and write speed) allows you to recommend drives on this controller for working with large files (video, etc.). Indilinx SSDs significantly increase system speed by providing faster startup, download, and data transfer speeds compared to mechanical hard drives. This SSD is based on the latest generation Indilinx controller with a write and read speed of 530MB / s and 540MB / s, and provides 10 higher speed compared to traditional hard drives. There is a cleaning support function. Indilinx is currently a subsidiary of OCZ Technology. OCZ Agility, OCZ Vertex and some drives from other manufacturers are based on this controller. Characteristics: Capacity: MLC: 8 GB ~ 2 TB Size (mm): 100.10x69.85x7 Sequential Read / Write Speed: 540 MB / s. write: 530 MB / s. 4k random reading: 75,488.3 4k random writing: 85,946.8 MTBF: MLC 2,000,000 hours, SLC 2,500,000 hours, SLC 5,000,000 hours Operating Temperature: 0 ~ + 70 ° C Storage Temperature: -55 ~ + 95 ° C Encryption: AES-128 / AES256 (optional) Vibration: 20G 80Hz ~ 2000Hz Intelligent dynamic and static wear leveling
USD 2.49/pcs 2.49
Flash LIFE - a symbol of reliable data storage The LIFE brand presents two lines of flash drives designed for reliable data storage and transfer. They are designed to meet the advanced standards and requirements for portable storage devices. High read and write speed, rugged case, full compatibility with USB devices. The chip created at a modern manufacturing facility in Taiwan is responsible for the security of your files. The supplier was not chosen by chance; this country is a leader in the production of technological products with a guarantee of a long service life. A convenient line of containers allows you to choose a drive for specific needs. Easily formatted for the necessary file system, do not require software to use. Why are the lines named Dubai and Tokyo? The appearance of flash drives resembles the shapes of famous buildings - the Burj al Arab in Dubai and the Kaminarimon Gate in Tokyo. They are examples of the heyday of technology and style. Their sleek lines are repeated in the design of the LIFE storage media enclosure. In honor of the cities in which these architectural objects are located and two product lines are named. Stylized images make it easy to distinguish series. The capacity and version of the USB port is also printed on the surface. At the moment, the assortment of seven colors in each series: white, black, silver, orange, red, green and blue. Choose to your taste! How fast are LIFE flash drives? According to the results of tests conducted in the CrystalDiskMark program, we got excellent read and write speed indicators. LIFE flash drives are not inferior to leading and more well-known manufacturers in specifications, as well as LIFE memory cards. Stable and continuous file recording, full compliance with the declared capacity and reliable file storage - these are the strong points of the product. Another important factor for consumers is LIFE provides a one-year warranty on all Dubai and Tokyo products. And this is a very strong move!   Characteristics: USB Version: 2.0 Volume: 4 Gb Read speed: 20 Mbps Write Speed: 6-6.5 Mbps

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