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All Petroleum transportation and storage equipment suppliers from Russia

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AMAR GROUP HOLDING LLC is a multi-profile manufacturing and trading holding with a 10-year history and its head office is located in Samara, Russia. Our holding is the official sales representative of the Autocrat Automobile production holding in the Middle East, the CIS and Africa.LLC APH "TD Avtokrat-T" is a member of the group of companies of the automotive holding "AVTOKRAT", and for more than 4 years produces lifting units of the "BARS" series for repair and drilling of oil and gas wells, production of metal structures, spare parts and components for lifting units, etc.To date, we have mastered the production of units with a load capacity of 40, 50, 80, 100 and 125 tons, manufactured on self-propelled chassis and on the basis of a semi-trailer. Units with a load capacity of 140 and 160 tons are under development. Currently, more than 300 units of lifting units have already been sold.Price list for lifting units of the model LEOPARDPrices are quoted in Russian rubles on EXW terms. In dollars, the price is based on the exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on 21/04/2020 – 76,28 USD№ п/п Model of lifting unit Exclusive prices for the middle East and Africa region Please find a detailed description in the catalog by page number 66,911 BARS-40 18 000 000,00 235 972,73 32 BARS-50 20 000 000,00 262 191,92 53 BARS-50N 80 000 000,00 1 048 767,7 74 BARS-80 25 000 000,00 327 739,90 95 BARS-80 42 000 000,00 550 603,04 116 BARS-100 45 000 000,00 589 931,83 147 BARS-100 53 000 000,00 694 808,6 168 BARS-125 60 000 000,00 786 575,77 199 BARS-140 70 000 000,00 917 671,73 2210 BARS-160 100 000 000,00 1 310 959,62 2511 BARS-10K 90 000 000,00 1 179 863,66 2812 BARS-20К 105 000 000,00 1 376 507,6 2913 BARS-30К 120 000 000,00 1 573 151,55 30Our company specializes in the production and supply of the following types of equipment:- lifting units of the "BARS" series for repair and drilling of oil and gas wells with g/p from 40, 50, 80, 100, 125tn and above;- coiled tubing installations of the BARS series»;- spare parts and accessories for lifting units and installations of the BARS series»;- equipment and special equipment for the oil and gas industry;- serial KAMAZ vehicles;- special equipment on the chassis of KAMAZ truck tractors, dump trucks, on-Board / on-Board with CMU, cementing units-CA, oil field tanks, mobile steam generator sets-PPUA and other for the oil and gas industry;- containers and reservoirs for receiving, dispensing, and storing various liquid media;- equipment for control and registration of technological processes.We are ready to offer you high-quality oil and gas equipment, including drilling rigs at excellent prices, based on Your needs.We thank You for your interest in our company and look forward to long-term cooperation.With respect,CEO-FOUNDERLLC HOLDING AMAR GROUP Mr. RAIF SAFIN F.
Краснодар, Russia
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