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These extrusion lines are intended for the production of smooth pipes from UPVC, which are used for transporting water in drinking water supply, in agriculture and construction, as protective pipes for cable laying. The lines are equipped with a twin-screw extruder with conical or parallel screws. The equipment has excellent reliability and high performance, meets international quality standards. A comprehensive supply of extrusion lines and everything necessary for the production of additional equipment from one source for complete automation of production. Features and Benefits of UPVC Extrusion Lines A special series of high-performance twin-screw extruders is developed using the latest technology. The extruder is equipped with an automatic thermal control system for heating the cylinder and the extrusion head. Extruder equipped with screw feed loader The main AC motor is SIEMENS. The twin screw extruder and the rest of the line units are equipped   microprocessor technology imported, managing the line. Inverter control on the drives of the extrusion line, characterized by a smooth ride, low noise during operation. Main frequency converter ABB, contactors - SIEMENS A modern, advanced PCL automated control system and a large color monitor make production management easier. SIEMENS control panel menus in Russian The extrusion head is specially designed to work with PVC . For the manufacture of various pipe diameters, it is equipped with a replaceable extrusion tool: dies - for changing the outer diameter of the pipes and mandrels - for changing the wall thickness Each track of the haul device is controlled by a separate engine. Synchronization with the rotations of the extruder shaft for the ideal quality of the pipes obtained The planetary type automatic cutting device works with high precision and low noise. The pipe cut is flat and smooth. The automatic bell-shaped machine of the series is equipped with a pulling device and a software interface, it   can be controlled from a central system or separately. As it expands, the pipe moves carefully without risk of damage. Adopted infrared heating method. 2 furnaces; molding of the size of the bell is very accurate. Expansion technology is very   simple, electrical appliances for control from well-known brands, the production process is stable and reliable. A doorn with a sealing ring put on it is inserted into a pipe heated in a molding chamber in which   creates excessive pressure due to the supply of compressed air. Under the influence of the pressure difference between atmospheric   air and pressure in the molding chamber is the molding and calibration of the bell on the mandrel with the appropriate   o-ring. The heating flange ensures accurate and complete molding of the edges of the bell. At the molding station, in addition to molding the bell, it also cools. Roma               Qingdao Win Win Machinery Co., Ltd

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