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USD 5.64/pcs 5.64
Structure: Pork, water, skimmed milk powder, egg melange, nitrite salt (salt, coloring agent - sodium nitrite), acidity regulator (sodium triphosphate), sugar, antioxidants (sodium isoascorbate, glucono-delta-lactone), cream flavor, nutmeg extract , stabilizers (guar gum, xanthan gum, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, esters of glycerol and citric and fatty acids), animal protein, lactose, cream powder, spices, dextrose, dye (carmine). The product may contain traces of: mustard, gluten, sesame, milk, nuts, celery, soy, eggs. Storage conditions: from +2 to +6.
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To buy Vysshiy Vkus 300g vegetarian wheat sausages in bulk at a price on request, contact the supplier. The supplier company is Ashanti (IE Boleznov Maxim Aleksandrovich) from the city of Moscow. Minimum amount of a bulk order: 10,000 rubles. Delivery is possible pickup, transport company, courier. Payment methods: cash, bank transfer, credit cards.

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