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Shearling coat for men in bulk on Qoovee

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Nero Leather and Fur
İstanbul, Turkey
USD 145.0/pcs 145.0
PRODUCT DETAILS ·Our product is 100% Shearling Skin. ·All the materials used in the production of the product are of higher quality compared to their equivalents. ·The inner lining of our product is satin. ·Metal materials (zipper, buckle, snap) used in our product comply with ISO standards. CARE AND STORAGE CONDITIONS ·The product should be kept on thick hangers when not in use. ·It should not be kept in folded.In case of mandatory folding, the lining side of the jacket should be folded out. ·In case the jacket is wrinkled, it should never be ironed with a hand iron. It shoul be ironed at a temperatureof 100’C-150’C in the pres irons available in dry cleaning.Steam should never be given while ironing. ·If the product gets wet, it should be left to dry at room temperature.It should never be subjected to a heat source.
İstanbul, Turkey
USD 240.0/pcs 240.0
İstanbul, Turkey
USD 200.0/pcs 200.0
USD 20.12/pcs 20.12
mens leather jackets 2
USD 19.36/pcs 19.36
mens leather jackets 5
USD 20.88/pcs 20.88
mens leather jackets 6

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