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Master Premium Aromatic Diffuser

Master Premium

Minimum order: 100 pcs

Supply ability: 100 pcs/per day

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"Diffuseur English Garden" Aromatic diffuser: what is it and how to use it? About the most convenient and elegant way to give your home (or office) a pleasant background flavor. Aromatic diffuser - this is a simple, elegant and long-term solution, how to fill the house or office with a pleasant smell. It is a glass bottle with aroma liquid, in which you insert reed sticks. The reed is porous in structure, and the smell from the bottle rises up the sticks and spreads in the air. Tags: perfume, cacharel, parfum, eau de, fragrance, cologne, flowerbomb, eau de parfum, colonia, aftershave, fragrance direct, the perfume shop, french perfume, perfume for women, boss perfume, perfume & cologne, euphoria perfume, perfume oil, perfume for men, the perfume, perfumania, perfume shop, best perfume for women, one million perfume, perfume bottle, best perfume for men, best perfume, cologne for men, perfume brands, perfume stores, eau de cologne, tester perfumes, parfumshop, parfumerie, fragrance parfum, perfumes, fragrance shop, parfümeri store, parfumshop, cıo parfüm, the perfume, fragrance parfüm, the perfect, perfume gift, perfume production, diffuser, essential oils, essential oil diffuser, air diffuser, aroma diffuser, oil diffuser, essential oils for home diffuser
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