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Genuine leather, Women's Accessories, Men's accessories, Wallet, Children's Accessories, Bags, Colorful bags, Business bags, Women's handbags, Men's bags, Backpacks and sports bags Belarus, Минск, Республика Беларусь, Минская обл., а.г. Вишнево

Sewing and manufacturing enterprise LLC “MALSbags”, which is a Belarusian manufacturer of business bags, briefcases and accessories, was created in 1998 and in 2000 the trademark “MALS” was registered,
under which today a large number of high-quality products are successfully produced.

The assortment of the sewing enterprise includes more than 45 popular models of portfolios and business bags and backpacks for employees of the administrative sector, conventions, conferences and business seminars with corporate symbols of the customer, sports schools, as well as promotional items for promotions and of course gifts.

Based on the information obtained as a result of marketing research, the company's assortment is constantly updated and is distinguished by the variety of materials used, wide color gamut. All this allows us to meet the needs of various social and age groups of the population, covering the entire spectrum of our customers.

Each year, the assortment of manufactured products is updated using the latest high-quality materials that appear on the market. We successfully apply new technologies in our production, our models are distinguished by a stylish design, improved fittings using additional functional parts.

At the same time, there are products with simplified configuration, which allows to achieve the optimal ratio of price and quality.
All models combine reliable design solutions, consistent compliance with all technological and operational standards, including such important indicators as tensile strength, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, frost resistance and can satisfy the needs of any customer and customer

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