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USD 2236.69/pcs 2236.69
Витрина "Oak Dot" выполнена из натурального массива дуба. Она прекрасно подойдет для современных светлых интерьеров одним из требований которых является натуральность. Мы, как и жители холодных скандинавских стран, все чаще отдаем предпочтение уютному и теплому интерьеру. Витрина "Oak Dot" излучает необыкновенную легкость и естественность. Она поможет сделать ваш интерьер самобытным, внесет в него нотку изящества и стиля. Есть вещи, говорящие о хорошем вкусе своих владельцев. Витрина "Oak Dot" относится именно к таким вещам. Она будет отлично смотреться как в интерьере спальни или прихожей, так и ресторана или других общественных помещений. В коллекции Oak Dot также выпускаются напольные вешалки большего и меньшего размера и банкетка в скандинавском стиле.
USD 1491.12/pcs 1491.12
Стол "Village Dark" выполнен из тонированного дубового массива. Имея внушительные габариты, он с легкостью позволит разместиться большой кампании. Формы стола одновременно массивные и изящные. Подстолье украшено металлическими элементами, придающими эффект брутальности. Стол "Village Dark" преисполнен достоинства и абсолютно лишен грубости. Прекрасно подойдет для размещения на площадках для барбекю и летних террасах.
USD 1999.53/pcs 1999.53
Элегантный письменный стол "Nobele oak Dark" выполнен из массива дуба. Фасады ящиков отделаны эмалью. Стол может быть выполнен как с элементами, отделанными эмалью, так и целиком в дереве. Письменный стол оснащен тремя выдвижными удобными ящиками. Легкое геометричное оформление подстолья придает ему законченный вид при любой ориентации в помещении. Изящный рабочий стол прекрасно подойдет для кабинета или детской комнаты.
USD 1640.24/pcs 1640.24
The Color Bang VF classic sideboard is presented in saturated colors that are not traditional for the classics. An unconventional approach to decoration makes it the brightest accent in any interior. The outside of the case is finished in Veld enamel. Combined with the interior in Fog, the Color Bang VF sideboard looks bright and elegant. The sideboard is equipped with interior lighting and glass shelves at the top. Beveled glasses in the cupboard doors refract light beautifully, creating spectacular reflections. The buffet was conceived as a sign of opposition to asceticism. It will look great in the interior of a kitchen, living room or bathroom, the owners of which are not averse to adding bright colors to their lives. Also, the Color Bang VF buffet will be a wonderful decoration of a cafe or restaurant. It will give the room individuality and add a touch of graceful lightness to its interior.
USD 705.8/pcs 705.8
Wooden floor hanger for mens suit "Mister Nort Walnut" is equipped with ergonomic jacket hangers. In the front there is a bar for trousers, ties and belts. A folding box will allow you to quickly place your wristwatch, keys, phone and other little things out of sight, but within easy reach. The "Mister Nort" hanger fits comfortably in a bedroom or study, allowing you to elegantly store the most necessary accessories and garments close at hand, keeping order in the interiors and in the minds of their owners. Dimensions: < / strong> 493 x 595 x 1265 mm Material: solid oak Finish: tinting, lacquer Color: walnut
USD 2460.36/pcs 2460.36
Estet Venge coffee table with drawers on four sides. The decoration combines natural wenge veneer and warm cream-colored enamel. The edges of the table top are surrounded by a contrasting outline. The graceful form is emphasized by the horizontal frieze along the perimeter. An interesting solution to the bottom part supports the idea of ​​combining lightness and weighty advantages of the Estet Venge table. The table is equipped with two deep drawers on both sides. On opposite sides there are four small boxes for small items. The inner surface of the drawers is finished with enamel. Drawers can be opened by pressing the front. Strong, durable coverings will allow you to enjoy the Estet table for many years, making the most of its many functionalities. The stylish and roomy Estet Venge table will perfectly fit into a modern interior, emphasizing the status and well-being of its owner.
USD 2684.02/pcs 2684.02
The "Millenium Snow" table with a folding mirror combines the functions of a writing table and a dressing table. It fits perfectly into a modern interior, giving it notes of charm and elegance. Under the folding mirror, there are cells of different sizes for storing small items. Capacious drawers of different widths are placed on both sides. The vertical three-dimensional pattern on the facades adds depth to the table, giving a lively rhythm to the whole room. Dimensions: 1680 x 550 x 773 mm Material: MDF Finish: enamel, veneer Color: snow enamel
USD 2087.57/pcs 2087.57
Chess Oak Natur White chest of drawers with drawers and doors has a modern shape. The trendy perpendicular veneer layout gives it dynamics. It is no coincidence that Chess Oak Natur White has been crafted from natural oak veneer. This tree always adds a respectable shade to furniture, emphasizing the status and well-being of its owners. The chest of drawers is equipped with six drawers. The upper ones are shallower, the lower ones are deep. Central facade - doors, behind which shelves of different heights are hidden. Drawers and doors open by pressing. The trapezoidal shape of the chest of drawers maintains the modern spirit of the passage of time, contrasting it with the familiar classic oak furniture. Chess Oak Natur White chest of drawers is designed to improve the interior, while not forgetting to take care of the comfort of its owners. Dimensions : 2600 x 505 x 850 mm Case finish : natural oak veneer < strong> Facade finishing : tinted oak veneer Color : natur oak
USD 2385.8/pcs 2385.8
Trail GL wall rack will look great in interiors made in the spirit of Art Deco or eclectic styles close to it. Strict regularity of lines, bold geometric shapes, rich richness of colors expand the functionality of the rack to a high level of aesthetic pleasure. Shelving unit "Trail GL" is a luxury and chic interior. The Trail collection comes in two different colors with glass doors in the side sections and upstands in the same material combinations. Dimensions: 1300 x 280 x 2300 mm Material: MDF, oak veneer Finish: toning, enamel , lacquer Color: Tinted oak
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Having our own production, we are practically unlimited in possibilities. Our catalog is constantly updated with new products that occupy a worthy place in the best houses and offices of the city. What do we produce? Everything you need for home, apartment, office. You can get curbstones and dressers from us, where your clothes and shoes will compactly fit. Racks and cabinets will help to create order not only in the apartment, but also in the office. The document and papers will take their place and will no longer be lost. Luxurious desks will be another trump card during business negotiations, and comfortable beds will give you a good sleep and rest after a hard day. With our furniture it will not be difficult to divide the space in the house into separate zones, supplement them with a compact coffee table, a stylish banquet or a buffet. Any furniture purchased in Art-Way meets the most stringent quality requirements, and it deserves to take a place in your home and office. We know for sure that premium class furniture is not just furniture, it is real masterpieces of art embodied in wood, leather, fabric. Our designers successfully create these masterpieces, realizing them in tables, sofas, chairs. Carefully study our range and choose what is right for you. Sometimes it’s not easy to choose furniture to create a comfortable interior, so Art-Way experts are ready to help with the selection and purchase of products to your requirements. Just trust in the quality of our products and you will not be disappointed. Art-Way is fully responsible for the safety, reliability and comfort of each product, which is confirmed by all the necessary documents and the quality guarantee provided to all customers.

During its existence, Art Way has accumulated rich experience in successful cooperation with private architects and designers, as well as with design studios and architectural bureaus. We invite architects and designers to collaborate. Working with you is one of the highest priority areas for the development of our company.

For architects and designers, Art Way regularly holds presentations of new products, provides catalogs and samples. The company directs its efforts to ensure that the result of the work not only meets the expectations of customers, but also exceeds them, which means that each of our partners can count on special individual conditions for cooperation.

This is the first time Art Way has opened an official partnership with design professionals! We are pleased to offer you special conditions!

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