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USD 261.3/pcs 261.3
Художественная ковкаСреди основных преимуществ мебели под обувь этой категории выделяются: инертность полок и всей конструкции к влажности, неизменность свойств, стойкость к механическим воздействиям и нагрузкам. Кованая структура обувницы позволяет экономить визуальное пространство помещения прихожей, что весьма актуально для небольших современных квартир. Общие габариты (Д×Ш×В) 600×350×610 мм.Цвет (на фото): черный + тёмная бронза 80%.
USD 361.89/pcs 361.89
Дизайн «Рандеву» многогранен и потому особенно притягателен. В кованых мотивах и плавных линиях верха изголовья и изножья кровати ярко прослеживается. Строгий французский классицизм средневекового Парижа, и его же эпоха Возрождения, и грядущая роскошь барокко. Классическая эклектика устоявшихся норм, плавно переходящая в готовящийся торжествовать модерн, все это рождает ощущение предчувствия чего-то нового и светлого. Предвкушение рандеву.
USD 74.56/pcs 74.56
Optima Twist is a springless mattress with two layers of modern ormafoam material. One layer is of increased density, more rigid. Its thickness is 5 cm. The second layer is of lower density. Feels softer. Its thickness is 8 cm. For ease of transportation, the mattress is rolled up and placed in a vacuum package. It takes shape within 24 hours after the packaging is removed. Please note: the rolled mattress can be stored no longer than 180 days from the date of production! Mattresses of non-standard size and sizes larger than 180x200 are not supplied rolled! This model is well tolerated by temperature changes during the cold season and is suitable for use in the country.
USD 888.99/pcs 888.99
Forged table Lucretius - (the price includes 6mm thick transparent glass, tempered) The diameter of the table is 1100 mm. Height 750 mm. Chair Lucretia - (the price includes upholstery and leather) Pillow size 450x450 mm. Height 950 mm. Color (pictured): chocolate + gold 50% (decor 80%).
USD 305.33/pcs 305.33
Mirror Lily No. 2 (oval) The overall dimensions of the mirror in the photo (WxH) 850x650 mm. Color (pictured) chocolate + gold 90% The color and size of the product can be any
USD 282.6/pcs 282.6
Armchair forged Spring The size of the seat cushion is 450x550 mm. Chair height 1000 mm. Color (pictured): black + gold 80%. <
USD 140.59/pcs 140.59
Chair Tea (L × W) along the most protruding parts 420 × 520 mm. Overall height 980 mm. Seat height with cushion is 500 mm. Color (pictured): black + 90% gold.
USD 418.27/pcs 418.27
doubt Color in the photo: ivory + 60% gold + 90% gold (decor only). The wrought iron bed can be made in any size, including: < / span> - with one back; - with two backs; - with three backs; - with a linen box with a lifting mechanism (cover at your choice: leatherette, fabric Turkey, fabric Italy, genuine leather). Passion, impetuosity of movements, ardor and pride - a contradictory range of feelings, feelings embodied in the ornament of the bed "Carmen". A round dance of bright colors of the non-trivial appearance of the bedroom environment revolves around its central element - the "Carmen" bed. The bed will certainly attract the admiring glances of those who are allowed to contemplate the symbol of youth, sensuality and beauty.
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Metalldekor is a company where the words “forging” and “art” are synonymous. Blacksmithing craftsmen create products manually. Over the shoulders of our specialists, tremendous experience: over 10 years of work, we have made forged beds, tables and chairs, sofas and stools.

Metaldecor products are a vivid proof that durable, rebellious metal can be turned into an exquisite interior item.

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