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Construction Materials, Rebar, Metal products Ukraine

METALLSETKA offers Masonry mesh wholesale and retail.

  • The entire range of masonry mesh is available.
  • You can buy Armopoyas masonry mesh throughout Ukraine.
  • Large assortment of high quality masonry welded mesh and price from the manufacturer.
  • All products are of high quality.
  • For your maximum comfort "Metallsetka" delivers all over Ukraine, city and region. Depending on the volume of the product order. When buying, masonry nets, self-pickup is possible from the production, which is located in Kharkov. And the presence of crane beams and crane scales will make loading as fast as possible. The cost of masonry mesh is the lowest in Ukraine in Kharkov and Kiev.

      In the process of making the mesh, only professional modern equipment for resistance welding is used. We represent high-quality production of welded mesh using powerful technical machines. We use only the latest technology. We strictly observe the required ratio of the mesh size and wire thickness and guarantee the excellent strength of our meshes - welded, galvanized welded metal. The mesh is actively used in the field of poultry and cage fur farming, and is also used for fences, glass reinforcement and for fixing brick walls. Easy installation and low weight are important advantages of this product. In our company you can buy welded mesh of various types - galvanized (mesh size 50x50, 100x100), road (100x100, 200x200), masonry (50x50,50x75, 50x100) and others. The sale of welded mesh is carried out in cards or rolls, the length of which is 15-30 m. The ends of the rolls are wrapped in thick paper, burlap, artificial fabric or polyethylene. Today welded mesh is one of the most popular and demanded building materials - no construction project can be realized without the use of this product.

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