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Auto Russia, Кострома, Шагова, 205
Russia, Кострома, Шагова, 205

The World of Auto Shutter is a dynamically developing company whose main task is to make life in the car more perfect. Having developed an innovative technology for the manufacture of frame car blinds, the team "World of Auto Shutters" fell in love with their products thousands of car owners. Hundreds of types of fabrics and dozens of possible types of fastenings were tested, the work done revealed the most effective and reliable fastenings. Now we can confidently convince our customers that the materials for the manufacture of frame tinting are superior in wear resistance, and most importantly in the safety and ease of use of less sophisticated analogues. Frame auto-curtains is a metal frame, sheathed with a wear-resistant, elastic fabric, which is installed in the window opening. The protective screen is fixed due to magnetic fastenings, without interfering with the vehicle design. Each set includes: curtains, mounts (magnets and mating plates), a cover for storing auto curtains, installation instructions.

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