Духи масляные  Brands (Imperatrice) Emaar 6 мл
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D&G Imperatrice 6ml for women arabic oil perfume Firdaus Simple, light, inspiring, refreshing, sweetish, heady, floral-fruity aroma! It seems to ring in the air, filling your emotions with lightness and joy! In the first moments of applying D&G - Imperatrice, you feel a light, airy thin and delicate perfume line of pink cyclamen, which here quite mutely resembles the scent of lily of the valley and you can already hear the juicy scent of watermelon with sour-sweet echoes of kiwi. The D&G - Imperatrice scent is woven in such a way that the top notes of pink cyclamen smoothly and almost immediately blend with the hearty fruity notes of kiwi and watermelon. The top notes dissolve into the middle ones, forming a perfect, light, ringing, sweetish and heady aroma. Over time, this aroma is averaged by notes of white musk. The cyclamen scent calms down and leaves notes of white musk with fruity hints of kiwi and watermelon. The scent of the scent is light, delicate, not loud, musky-citrusy. The plot of D&G - Imperatrice is distinguished by its elegant weightlessness, modesty and simplicity. There is nothing pretentious and flashy here, a very airy and delicate composition. D&G - Imperatrice will suit all ladies who prefer transparent, slightly sweet-citrus fruits mixed with floral nuances, barely audible compositions. This fragrance is undoubtedly daytime. Suitable for work, business meeting, meeting with friends, travel and leisure. Good for any time of the year, but it will sound best on you in the warm season due to its refreshing nuances.
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Духи масляные Brands (Imperatrice) Emaar 6 мл - 48163

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