Oily perfume Brands (Chance Chanel tendre) Emaar 6 ml
Product description
Top notes are quince, grapefruit middle notes: hyacinth, jasmine Base notes: Amber, musk, iris Ref Z. “Chanel Chance Eau Tendre” from this time performed in romantic pink colors. This lighter, crystal composition resembles the lightest fog of an early morning in Paris, when a new, stunning day is emerging in the light of the pink dawn. The heady morning air is filled with hundreds of diverse flavors interwoven with each other into one holistic, seductive composition. It has the sweet aromas of cozy bakeries, and the exciting haze of romantic coffee houses, and the bright greenery of parks and flowering gardens. The graceful figure of a slender girl is visible in one of the open windows. Here she looks out into the street, opening her arms towards the new morning ... The perfume fragrance consists of notes of hyacinth, jasmine, lemon, teak wood, vetiver, ambergris and musk.
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Oily perfume Brands (Chance Chanel tendre) Emaar 6 ml - 47360

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Казань, Russia
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