Oil perfume Brands (Molekula 02 Exsentric) Emaar 6 ml
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OILY SPIRITS Fresh musky aroma is light, simple and unobtrusive. This fragrance is suitable for men and women, belongs to the group of oriental fragrances. How to apply oil perfumes: - Perfumes should be applied only to clean skin. Any person has their own unique smell, but in addition to this, our skin can also absorb extraneous odors. In order that the aroma of perfume is not distorted, they should be used only on clean skin, preferably after a shower or bath. - Use perfume oils on special areas of the body. Perfumes are applied to areas where the pulse is felt (areas of pulsation), these are the warmest places on the body: wrists, bends of the elbows, the back of the head and, of course, the dimple between the collarbones. If you wear short skirts, perfume can be applied to the area under the knees. If you apply perfume to wet hair, the effect will be very lasting and the fragrance will envelop you for a very long time. - Do not abuse the amount of perfume. To surround yourself with a wonderful aroma and create an image and mood for the whole day, just one drop of oil perfume is enough, this is the peculiarity and advantage of Arab oil perfume. Since they are composed of highly concentrated oils and have a rich aroma. At rest, the fragrance fades away, but as soon as it starts to move, the oil perfumes begin to open and smell with a new force. - Use the applicator to apply perfume. Bottles with Arabian oil perfumes, as a rule, have a special roller applicator, which makes the process of applying perfumes very simple and convenient, allowing you to economically spend your favorite scents. Perfume will not spill in the purse and will not leak out, even if you accidentally drop the bottle. - Application of aroma in several layers. A drop of oil perfume can be added to shampoo, shower gel, body lotion or hand cream, the main thing is that this tool does not have its own strong smell. How NOT to apply oil perfumes correctly: - No need to rub the place of perfume application. There is an opinion that after applying perfumes to the wrists, they need to be rubbed against each other. You don’t need to do this, during friction, the molecules are destroyed and the entire composition of the fragrance collapses, as a result, the perfume becomes less resistant by the spirit, and its time decreases sharply. - Perfumes should be applied ONLY to clean skin. Various odors, such as the smell of sweat, the smell of cosmetics and so on, distort the composition of the aromatic oil. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply perfume to the armpits, as there are a large number of sweat glands, as well as to the area behind the ears, due to the large number of sebaceous glands located there. It is better to apply perfume after taking water procedures. - No need to use several different aromatic oils at the same time. Each aroma is already a unique, full-fledged aromatic masterpiece. By mixing different types of perfume, you run the risk of getting, in the end, not at all what you were striving for. - Do not put perfume on clothes. Since the basis of these perfumes is oil, as a result, you will leave greasy marks and stains on your clothes.
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Oil perfume Brands (Molekula 02 Exsentric) Emaar 6 ml - 47358

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