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Monocrystal is the only manufacturer of electric infrared film heating elements and systems Underfloor heating and electric heating products in Ukraine and Europe On the market for over 10 years. We offer efficient, optimal, energy-saving solutions for electric heating and heating. A unique, innovative proposal for the main or additional heating of any premises. The most effective application in the heating system Underfloor heating. Average daily consumption with thermostat 50W/sq.m. Energy-saving, economical heating compared to other heat carriers up to 30%. It is mounted under any coverings and on any surfaces. We have been producing products for over 10 years. Quality assurance 10 years. The quality is confirmed by the operation and manufacturer's documents. The service life is more than 50 years. Supply voltage 220 volts. Film width 60, 34, 30, 26, 20, 12 and 10 cm. Thickness 0.3mm. Cut line from 10 to 35 cm. depending on modification Power 1 sq.m. from 130 to 600 watts. depending on modification. Under the order we will make a film with your size and power. The best price / quality offer on the market. Consulting, technical support. Flexible terms of payment and shipment. Supplied in rolls of any length, as well as in service packaging. There is a barcode on the package. We offer partnership Importers and companies in the heat market, manufacturers of heat equipment, builders, dealers, wholesalers, online stores, retail stores and individual entrepreneurs at prices from 30% below retail prices. Delivery with payment upon sale.
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