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Apparel & textile, Women's clothing, Women's sweaters and jumpers, Women's sweatshirts, Women's T-shirts and Undershirts, Men's clothing, Men's Sweatshirts, Men's T-Shirts, İslamic clothing, Muslim clothing for women Kyrgyzstan, saratovskaya 51
Printing and Design Services Kyrgyzstan, saratovskaya 51

Мы занимаемся пошивом мусульманской одежды (хиджаб,юбка,туника,султанка,химар,бони и т.п) и мужских/женских/детских футболок, толстовок,свитшотов. А так же предоставляем услуги шелкографии, печати. Качество гарантируем!

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