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Soap and detergent, Household supplies, Household products Russia, Москва, Томилино, улица Гаршина, 11
Russia, Москва, Томилино, улица Гаршина, 11

We sell EKO laundry soap of our own production 72% in pieces of 200/250/300 gr. GOST 302266: 95/2017 (options are possible on request) Our household. ECO soap is made entirely of natural ingredients, made according to old traditional recipes, without adding chemical. additives, fragrances, surfactants, emulsifiers, stabilizers, etc. With the addition of glycerin. We do not separate glycerin in the production process, it remains in the soap. Many factories, in the process, withdraw glycerin during the production process, process it and sell it separately, so their soap is mainly designed for washing but not for washing. In addition to chemical. additives of fragrances and pavof to reduce the cost of production use cheap raw materials (up to petroleum products), old oils, fats with a smell, with an expired shelf life. Ingredients: sodium salts of fatty acids of animal fats and oils, water, glycerin, NaOH (alkali), sodium chloride (salt), no chemical. additives, preservatives and fragrances. Shelf life is 3 years. We provide samples for trial.

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