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T1 NanoTech

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Kyrgyzstan, г. Кант, ул. Победы 22

Multifunctional additive in gasoline, super-concentrate.

For regular use - add at each refueling.

Even when the engine is operated on high-quality European fuel, for example in Germany, deposits form in the nozzles and the entire fuel system, which after 8,000-10,000 km partially clog them, which leads to a loss of 10-15% of the power, as well as other negative consequences .

The regular use of T1 NANOTECH at each refueling can significantly reduce the rate of formation of these deposits, thereby obtaining maximum power with minimum fuel consumption.

In addition, T1 NANOTECH increases the octane rating and protects the fuel system from corrosion, effectively lubricates the fuel pumps (main, in the tank, and booster) reducing their wear.

Thanks to the regular use of T1 NANOTECH at each refueling, the fuel burns out more efficiently, forming less soot and soot, and this in turn protects the intake and exhaust systems, EGR valve, turbine, and catalyst from soot and tar deposits, prolonging their life.

T1 NANOTECH cleans and lubricates injectors, valves, the entire fuel system and combustion chamber.

Application Effect:

· Increases the effective engine power;

· Contributes to fuel economy;

· Smooths engine operation;

· Improves engine reliability;

· Reduces CO2 emissions.

Applications: suitable for all types of gasoline engines.

Instructions for use: one bottle is designed for 60 liters of gasoline.

Add 50 ml of additive per 25 liters of gasoline to the fuel tank before refueling.

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