CL17 17KW Carbon Steel Wood Burning Stove
Product description
CL17 17KW Carbon Steel Wood Stove Rated Heat Output: 17kW Heating Type: Radiant Fuel: Wood Logs. Material: carbon steel, cast iron door and frame, ceramic glass (NEG or Schott brand), heat resistant paint (Forest brand) Firebox material: carbon steel. Primary air: Yes. Secondary air: Yes. Tertiary air: Yes. Cinder: yes. Combining clean lines, graceful proportions and traditional foundry appeal, this 17KW CL17 carbon steel wood burning stove can be considered a freestanding fireplace! It is very compact yet powerful enough to heat about 180 square meters of living space. With a high efficiency and modest heat output, the built-in Radiant wood-burning stove will be a nice addition to your living space. The CL17 is finished in black metallic and comes with a steel door with ceramic glass and a stainless steel handle. Steel baffle with steel brick retainer and refractory brick lining to improve thermal mass.
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CL17 17KW Carbon Steel Wood Burning Stove - 78910

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Ningbo Precise Machinery
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