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USD 17.75/pcs 17.75
Genuine leather belt. Beige with blackouts. Patterns in ethno style. Deer antler buckle. More colors available
USD 1000.0/pcs 1000.0
Dark brown ammunition set. The seat allows the rider to feel comfortable and safe. The whole set is made in the national style. Material: genuine leather. When tailoring a saddle to order, various finishing options are possible.
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Artifical leather, Genuine leather, Leather for furniture, Unechte Pelzmantel, Leather fabrics, Agriculture & Food, Livestock animal products, Bags, footwear & accessories, Women's Accessories, Women's belts Kyrgyzstan, ул. Ю. Фучика 38

Ak-Maral OJSC is a large enterprise with many years of experience in the production and production of chrome leathers, the processing of leather and fur raw materials, producing more than 120 articles of finished products.

The company was founded in 1925.

Ak-Maral OJSC produces tanned semi-finished products “ Wet - Blue ” (Vet-Blue).

The products are competitive and are in great demand in the market in the CIS countries, and the quality of the tanned semi-finished product meets international standards and is exported to foreign countries.

The tanned semi-finished product “ Wet - Blue ” from raw sheepskin was exported to South Korea, Iran, Pakistan, China, India, USA, Italy.

Ak-Maral OJSC has the opportunity to develop new types of products.

We offer a wide range and selection of leather, fur, such as:

· Sheepskin: simple processing, special processing, muton, fur velor.

· raw;

· saddlery;

· shoe;

· leather for gloves

· leather for clothes;

· leather for shoes;

· leather lining;

· furs: astrakhan fur, wolves, foxes, rabbits, jackals

Different thickness and stiffness. Flexible pricing. The price depends on many factors (quality requirements, quantity, etc.). We will send price information on request.

The company has its own production base, large storage facilities, there is all the necessary base for production.

We are ready for long-term cooperation on the production of leather raw materials, as well as ready to discuss other options for cooperation.

Address: Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, st. Fucika House 38.


ICQ: 659773324

Skype: oao_ak.maral

tel : +996 (312) 64-30-86

+996 (555) 25-22-33; +996 (703) 91 55 48

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