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ООО "Октябрь"

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Fire Safety Equipment and Protection Supplies, Machinery, Industrial parts & tools, Electrical equipment, Construction Tools, Tools, Electrical Equipment & Telecoms Russia, Ворсма, 606120, Нижегородская область, гор.Ворсма, ул.Заводская, д.1
Metal parts manufacture on order Russia, Ворсма, 606120, Нижегородская область, гор.Ворсма, ул.Заводская, д.1

October LLC, Vorsma, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russian Federation Tel-Fax: 8-83171-65432, Beeline: 8-905-66-20-362 , MTS: 8-910-12-66-255 , E- mail: Website: , OGRN 1045206965671 , TIN 5252015325 , KPP 525201001 OKVED: 51.54 Production of hand tools, cutlery, non-food consumer goods. Wholesale. LLC “Oktyabr” organized on the basis of the Production Association for the production of folding knives “Oktyabr” in the city of Vorsma, Nizhny Novgorod Region offers the supply of its products, as well as services for the execution of certain types of work on order: - metalworking (turning, milling, drilling, pressing, grinding and etc.); - heat treatment (hardening, tempering, annealing); - galvanic treatment (galvanizing, chromium plating, oxidation, nitride titanium coating); - manufacture of plastic products (polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene, plastic compound, polyamide, reinforced, etc.) on thermoplastic machines with a mold volume of up to 63 cm3, up to 250 cm3, up to 400 cm3, up to 1000 cm3; - sewing products from dense materials (leather, leather split, leatherette, tarpaulin, awning, nightmare, etc.). Contact information: Phones: + 7-905-66-20-362 Beeline + 7-910-12-66-255 MTS + 7-83171-65432 Tel-Fax E-mail: okt. Website: , DETAILS Full name Limited Liability Company “October” Short name LLC “October” Legal address 606120, Nizhny Novgorod region, gor.Vorsma, Zavodskaya, 1 Post address 606121, Nizhny Novgorod region, gor.Vorsma, ul.Michurina, d.77 BIN 1045206965671 INN 5252015325 CAT 525201001 OKPO 73944815 OKOGU 49013 OKATO 22242503000 NACE 46.74; 28.6; 51.44 OKFS 16 OKOPF 65 Name of the bank Nizhny Novgorod branch of the Bank SOYUZ (JSC) Nizhny Novgorod Settlement account 40702810090130000059 Correspondent account 30101810922020000807 BIK 042202807 Director Sovin Nikolay Yuryevich, based on the Charter Contact phones 8-910-12-66-255 mts, 8-90 -66-20-362 Beeline Fax 8-83171-65432 Website E-mail:

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