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Shoe care & accessories, Shoe Parts & Accessories, Women's footwear, Women's boots, Ankle boots for women, Women's Shoes, Women's long boots, Men's footwear, Men's sports shoes, Men's long boots Ukraine, Украина, г. Запорожье, ул. Парамонова, 6А
Ukraine, Украина, г. Запорожье, ул. Парамонова, 6А

The company "Olga Rus" is engaged in the production of berets, boots, sneakers, shoes, as well as raw materials for the production of shoes. The main difference from other manufacturers is high-quality, reliable, durable, comfortable and stylish shoes at the same time. We have a low price! High quality, we have direct cast shoes, which differs from shoes from other manufacturers! We are not inferior to world brands! Each item is checked for defects and defects before shipping.

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