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Омский завод промышленной и бытовой химии

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Home & Construction, Construction blocks, Reinforced concrete products, Household chemicals, Chemicals, Soap and detergent, Chemicals, metallurgy & plastics Russia, 1-я Производственная, д.2
Russia, 1-я Производственная, д.2

Omsk factory of industrial and household chemicals, Omsk.

Omsk plant "Prombytkhim" has been developing and introducing technical detergents and special cleaning agents and technologies (washing, degreasing) for various industries for over 15 years.

Advantages of our products:

1. High concentration - diluted with water in a ratio of 1:50. . .1: 200. One liter of washing solution costs less than 1 ruble.

2.Explosive and fireproof, do not cause corrosion of metals.

3.Environmentally safe, do not have specific emissions, are low-toxic (3.4 classes) chemical products.

4. Are applied at any technology of washing: a) manual, b) with use of high-pressure apparatuses, c) in automatic washing machines, d) in washing baths with bubbling or using ultrasound.

5. A wide temperature range of storage and transportation from -50 to +50 0 С.

Areas of use:

1. Prevention of sticking of metal splashes during arc welding and protection of nozzles of welding semiautomatic devices (Induswar tool).

2. Washing of tanks, pipelines and equipment from oil-contaminated pollution and fuels and lubricants. (Neolight-170)

3. Washing of submersible drilling equipment from mineral and asphalt-resinous and paraffin deposits (AFS). (Neolight 301)

4. ASPO inhibitors for the oil and refining industries.

5. Washing of the territories of gas stations and fuel storage facilities from the remnants of spilled fuel and lubricants. (Neolight-170)

6. Washing of power transformers and gravel backfill under them from transformer oil. (Neolight-191)

7. Flushing of thermal and cooling equipment, pipelines from mineral and iron oxide deposits. (Neolight-305)

8. Passivating liquids for carrying out hydraulic tests. (Neolight-130)

9. Substitutes of auxiliary means OP-7, OP-10. (Neoplast-4)

10. Washing of automobile and railway transport, rolling stock, power units during repair and maintenance.

11. Degreasing of metal structures before painting, including using cold phosphating technology, (Neolight-306)

12. Lubricating and foaming additives for drilling fluids. (Neoplast)

13. Plasticizers and emulsifiers for the production of paints, putties, cement mortars and concrete (Neoplast-2)

14. Foaming agents for the production of foam concrete. (Neoplast-5)

15. Lubrication of various types of formwork in construction and in the manufacture of reinforced concrete products. (Barrier)

16. Washing of overalls, cleaning of industrial and domestic premises. (Neolight)

17. Professional means for washing hands from industrial and domestic pollution. (Flour)

18. Washing of equipment, utensils, premises at public catering enterprises and the food industry. (Flour)

Means for washing eggs. (Muk-ya)

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