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ООО Бэйдоу оборудование автоматического управления

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Fertilizers, Plant growing products, Plant Protection Chemicals, Agriculture Machinery & Equipment, Fertilizer Application Machines & Equipments China, Циньхуаньдао Китай

Our business begins with peasants and fertilizer producers. We partner with them to provide fertilizer machines and knowledge to help them produce larger, better crops. We sell mixed fertilizer equipment, water soluble fertilizer equipment and fertilizer production line (NPK), conveyor belt, belt scale and packing scale. Baidou, supported by an experienced team of employees, can produce high-quality, quality BB mixed fertilizer equipment and satisfy various needs fertilizer producers. Our expert team is an integral part of our organization, as they manage all production and quality control activities. Their hard work and dedication give us a reputation as a renowned manufacturer, supplier, trader and service provider. We offer a wide range of products, such as bulk fertilizer mixing equipment, water-soluble fertilizer equipment, organic fertilizer equipment, etc. In 2004, we work under the able guidance of our company owner, Ms. Jin Chuan, whose industry experience and market knowledge can Help us provide customers with satisfactory products. Qinhuangdao Beidou LLC automatic control equipment is a well-known manufacturer of fertilizer mixing equipment in the world. Has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. In 2008, the company operates as a manufacturer, exporter, importer and marketing company for the production of mixed fertilizers. Therefore, we are actively engaged in the production of international quality mixing fertilizer equipment. We specialize in providing wide and quality mixed fertilizer equipment, such as BB fertilizer production line, water-soluble fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer production line, belt weigher, packing scale, etc. We have more than ten years experience, we We constantly supply customers with approved equipment worldwide. Our company has an experienced team and the latest technological equipment within our modern infrastructure. Advanced equipment helps us to remain among the most active and reliable partners in the markets. All of our BB fertilizer, water soluble and bio-organic fertilizer equipment is manufactured to ensure good crop health. We present the best fertilizer equipment to the world. All employees of our team work with devotion and devotion to achievement on the path to success and make our products the first choice for customers. Our mixed equipment is in great demand in the global agricultural industry, so accurate dosing and packaging, a small footprint, and an environmentally friendly environment are not polluted. Mixed fertilizer equipment is one of our best and specialty equipment, they can help improve the well-being of the peasant. Under the forward-looking leadership of Ms. Jin Chuan (Director), we constantly supply quality products to our customers.

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